"The 100" season 4 has only just finished, but fans are already talking about season 5. This is a confirmed season, likely happening in January or February 2018. An exact date hasn't been set yet, but fans are discussing the things that they would like to see happen. Of course, finding out who the people on the ship really are is the main talking point and where Octavia and Bellamy are is another. Here are four other things that we have to see in the fifth season of the show.

Octavia taking a leadership role

Octavia is the character that has developed and grown the most.

Once just a girl under the floor, she has become a strong, independent young woman. She is a role model for all of the women and young girls watching "The 100." However, that doesn't mean she feels as confident as she acts. When offered the chance to be the leader of the new Grounder clan "Wonkru," she made it clear to Bellamy that he or Clarke would be better leaders. Eventually, she took on the responsibility because they will follow her. This leadership role is something we need to see more of for Octavia in season 5.

Clarke to finally understand Abby's actions

When Abby destroyed the radiation testing unit, Clarke was angry. The actions were that of a mother scared of losing her daughter, but Clarke couldn't possibly understand that.

It's not easy to do the best for the world when a child is involved. It looked like Clarke would never be able to understand that, until the six-year time jump. Clarke now has a young nightblood, who is very much her adopted daughter. It's time for Clarke to understand all the actions Abby has taken to save her daughter.

Echo to be a nicer person

Echo is going to be a series regular starting on "The 100" season 5 premiere. This isn't a good thing with the way Echo currently is. She's selfish and stuck in her Grounder ways. All of the characters need to adapt to the new world that they now have. Fans aren't that impressed with the idea of Echo being around more, so the character needs to be nicer and work with others better if she's going to remain.

The true damage of the radiation

It's not all about character development. "The 100" fans need to see the true damage that has happened to the world around their favorite characters. The season 4 finale showed some but not enough to get a real idea of the complete destruction. Showing this doesn't have to involve a lot of talking. One thing that the earlier seasons of "The 100" did well was having small elements that helped people figure out where in America the characters were supposed to be.

"The 100" season 4 is now available on Netflix. Season 5 will begin sometime during the midseason on The CW network.