In the hip-hop world, there have been plenty examples of rappers having a beef with one another. In the past, those were settled through lyrics aimed at one another. However, in the current state of things, hip-hop stars use social media. Rappers Tekashi 6ix9ine and Casanova were part of a longstanding beef which involved online trash-talk and physical violence between their crews.

When they say "shots were fired" in reference to this beef, they actually may have been. Part of the beef included 6ix9ine posting a picture of a rat online back in late April.

It was believed that this was in reference to Casanova. Things blew up even more, as there was physical violence at the Barclay's Center. The two rappers were at an Adrian Broner fight and shots were fired between their two crews. There are also allegations that members of 6ix9ine's crew fired shots at Casanova's crew while a music video was being made.

Beef squashed in NYC?

The two hip-hop stars may have patched things up. A recent video has emerged on the @saycheesedigital Instagram account which has Tekashi 6ix9ine and his rival in New York City together. The video shows Casanova recording and joking, "Look who I bumped into" as the recording device pans to show Tekashi 6ix9ine in the NYC streets at nighttime.

Tekashi seems down with it as Casanova laughs over the whole thing, seeming to be in good spirits while standing next to his rival.

Reportedly, the two were seen walking together in the streets of New York City, which probably is a good sign that they've talked things out or worked on squashing the beef. To celebrate, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Casanova headed to the strip club to "make it rain" for some dancers.

Stars comment on beef ending

The news of the beef being squashed gave other hip-hop stars reason to send praise. One of those who offered words of encouragement was Meek Mill, who recently received his release from prison. Meek commented on Instagram, ""Having a conversation is apart of being thorough never forget that! Kill all that us on us s—t!


Hip-hop legends Fat Joe and 50 Cent also weighed in. Joe commented "Love this" as his support of the ending of the beef. 50 Cent wrote on Instagram, "The little homies good now, I love this. S—t Yal was making it hot, LOL get the strap."

It's clear that while this beef may have generated publicity for both of the newer hip-hop stars, putting an end to a feud that involved possible violence is always the best choice. Hopefully other feuding stars can find ways to settle their differences peacefully.