A new hip-hop beef could soon emerge as 50 Cent has called out fellow rapper Jay-Z in defense of newer star, Tekashi 6iX9INE (Daniel Hernandez). 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, recently "trolled" Shawn Carter aka "Jay-Z" over what he claims is stealing lyrics from the late star Notorious BIG. So does 50 have a legitimate point about Jay-Z? Here's the latest on 50's trolling, Jay-Z's alleged lyric stealing, and what the original freestyler thinks of Tekashi using his lyrics.

50 Cent watching Jay-Z?

The 21-year-old rapper known as Tekashi 6iX9INE has caused a commotion over his new song.

As Hot New Hip Hop reported, some people are claiming that Tekashi's song "stole" lyrics from a classic NYC freestyle. The original artist behind that song was Yoppy Montana, but he may not even have an issue with it.

In the latest report, they mention that a video was posted of Tekashi's new song by Akademiks. The video had over 5,000 comments at the time including two very notable commentators. On that video, Tekashi himself commented "Look at my story HATERS are so mad another W for me" followed by laughter. Right under that comment is one from 50 Cent who mentions "Damn Jay-Z did that to Big a hundred times."

Did Jay-Z steal BIG's lyrics?

It's well-known that Jay-Z and the Notorious BIG were good friends who collaborated on several songs together and probably would have done quite a few more had Wallace not been lost so soon.

In fact, that has fans of the late rapper wondering what great music may have been missed.

To be fair, Jay-Z himself mentioned in an interview back in 2011 that he "quotes" BIG lines to keep the late, great rapper's name alive. According to HipHopDX in the Jay-Z song, "What More Can I Say," he tells his listeners, "I say a Big verse, I'm only bigging up my brother."

Is Yoppy Montana cool with Tekashi?

It's believed by quite a few people that Tekashi 6ix9ine was paying homage to the original freestyle.

In fact, Yoppy Montana posted an Instagram video in which he and Tekashi went on FaceTime to connect over it.

The conversation between the two seemed to go well too with Yoppy and Tekashi discussing the controversy the song created. Yoppy seemed to be cool with the hip-hop artist paying homage to his original freestyle lyrics.

He also mentioned in the caption "get up [with] a real one i f--c with homeyyy !!!!!!"

So basically, it seems that one little bit of controversy can go a long way and certainly build extra publicity. 50 Cent also loves that publicity, as he's never hesitated to step into the arena when it comes to calling out or "trolling" other hip-hop stars.