Believing that she has reason to fear for her safety, as well as her family’s well-being, MTV “Teen Mom OG” star Maci Bookout sought an order of protection against Ryan Edwards. On Monday, May 21, a judge granted Maci’s request, according to E! News Online. The order extends two years.

The court process, leading to the restraining order, was initiated in March when Maci and Taylor McKinney, her husband sought legal protection for themselves and their children, including Maci’s son Bentley.

Though Ryan is nine-year-old Bentley’s father, Maci felt threatened after Ryan reportedly left phone messages telling her that he would just arrive at her house and “hurt” her if she did not take his calls.

Additionally, according to media accounts, Ryan also allegedly went to one of Bentley’s baseball games while he was high on heroin. While he was at the game, he is accused of threatening Maci.

Ex-boyfriend’s lawyer sees the protection order positively

Ryan’s lawyer told media that his client must stay more than 100 feet away from Maci, her husband Taylor and her children Jayde and Maverick. Taylor is her youngest two children’s father.

People TV online reported that Ryan is still enabled to have visits with Bentley. Attorney Jonathan Turner’s perspective is that the restraining order offers Ryan protection from “any false allegations.” The order also provides Ryan with a measure of safeguard from being arrested unless there is a hearing beforehand.

In filing for the protection order, the court documents noted that Maci stated she feared for Bentley’s safety, Cosmopolitan pointed out. Her reasoning stemmed from alleged threats and evidence of her ex “driving under the influence.” Heroin was the drug cited. She also stated that Ryan’s behavior was escalating.

Former boyfriend impaired by substance on camera footage

Ryan has had substance abuse issues, with legal fallout. Fans even saw effects of Ryan taped by MTV. He appeared high on some type of substance and passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle that he was driving on his way to marry Mackenzie Standifer. At one point, with a camera rolling tape, Mackenzie turned off the camera.

Despite seeing Ryan in an impaired condition firsthand, Mackenzie and Ryan did exchange wedding vows. Within hours after Mackenzie and Ryan relayed that she was pregnant with the couple’s first child together, he was arrested. Ryan allegedly violated probation by not submitting to a mandatory drug test. Mackenzie cited that as the basis for his arrest in March.

Rather than go through a trial respective of the filing for the restraining order, Ryan agreed to the terms. His lawyer said that his client hoped to “make it easier on everyone,” E! News reported.

Star has reason to celebrate as their son is achieving high grades

With the protection order in effect, maybe Maci and her family will be able to rest a bit easier now, fans hope.

On May 24, she shared good news about Bentley on social media. She tweeted about his final report card issued from third grade.

He was one point shy of having earned six straight A grades. She remarked, “The kid continues to make me a happy, proud momma and impress me with something new” each day.

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