It looks like someone is feeling a bit left out these days as she shares her woes about not getting enough exposure on "Teen Mom 2." That would be Chelsea and it didn't take long for the fans to set her straight. Chelsea Houska critiqued this week's episode with a tweet suggesting the girls who spin drama are the only ones who get the screen time on "Teen Mom 2."

As In Touch Weekly suggests, those "Teen Mom 2" fans can be "pretty savage" because it took no time at all for Chelsea to get slammed online over the shade she threw at the show. It wasn't that long ago when Chelsea was the queen of drama for "Teen Mom" and the fans reminded her of this.

She's too boring for the camera

It seems Chelsea thinks fans see her now as being part of a "perfect little family" since she married Cole DeBoer and gave birth to their baby. It is not like the days when Chelsea's drama-filled relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, was in the spotlight.

Adam is also the father of her eight-year-old daughter Aubree. That was drama and Chelsea seemed to soak it all up while becoming a breakout star of the show. Today Chelsea's complaint is how her drama-free life is seen as too boring for the "Teen Mom" camera, leaving her little airtime in comparison to her co-stars.

'Poor me' isn't cutting it with fans

One fan didn't buy Chelsea's "poor me" spiel and they reminded her that she was not always drama-free.

This person found Chelsea "so fake." They went on to remind the fans on Twitter how it wasn't all that long ago how she bedded down her daughter's father while his then-girlfriend was pregnant.

This is something that Chelsea admitted to Dr. Drew during the Season 5 "Teen Mom" Reunion show. She confessed to "hooking up with Adam" while Taylor Halbur was pregnant with Adam's daughter.

Not about being a 'mom' anymore

According to The Hollywood Gossip site, Chelsea blasted "Teen Mom 2" as a show that has nothing to do with being a mom anymore. Despite the soaring ratings of the show, some veteran fans have opted out of this weekly TV destination. These "once loyal" fans went "running for the hills" due to the shift the show has shown in its tone, reports Hollywood Gossip.

It seems that Chelsea is one of those leading the pack, wishing the show would return to its roots. It was once about the struggles of being a teen mom, but instead, the show has taken these teen moms and rocketed them to fame. The more drama they provide for the show, the more airtime they seem to get.

Stability has no entertainment value

Chelsea's role is diminishing compared to the amount of airtime she was awarded yesteryear and she blames that on her stability. Now that she's settled down in a stable relationship and living like a family should live, she no longer provides entertainment value for the show.

It could be that Chelsea is missing one very obvious fact. The show is about teen moms and that ship sailed years ago.

Chelsea will turn 27 in August, so she is getting close to a decade of being out of her teens. At her age, the drama of being a teen mom should be diminished. Who is going to tune in and watch an average day in the average life of a mom and wife? Without drama, there's no show.