Scheana Marie and Jax Taylor came to blows during last night's episode of "Vanderpump Rules." After reuniting with her co-stars and host Andy Cohen, Scheana was confronted by Jax over her failure to call him after learning that his father, Ronald Cauchi, had lost his battle with cancer.

"You didn't even call me when my father died," Jax said.

Scheana Marie admitted she never called Jax Taylor

"Are you kidding me?" Scheana yelled back at him. "Check your f****** text messages. F*** you for saying that. I did immediately. Immediately!" Although Scheana insisted she "did immediately," she never actually called Jax Taylor to check on him.

Instead, she sent a mere text and later invited him and his girlfriend to attend her on-stage show in Las Vegas.

"And then you invite me... 'Come to my Vegas show!' So what? So I can see your show and see you perform? No. 'Do the red carpet, I told people you would do the red carpet.' Hm," Jax recalled, suggesting Scheana got upset when he failed to appear on the red carpet to promote her show, "Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man."

At that point, as Scheana Marie stormed off stage to fix an eyelash issue, Brittany Cartwright confirmed to her boyfriend that Scheana did text him. "She did text you about your dad. I just don't want you to think she didn't," Brittany explained. But Jax still wasn't happy.

"A text? I had two ex-girlfriends and a girl who hated me show up in Michigan without even asking and Scheana can't even give me a f****** phone call?" he asked.

Jax Taylor needed his friends

"A text? Oh! [Scheana Marie is] supposed to be my friend over years. My father died. I needed my friends because I didn't have anybody.

I sent her mom flowers because it was sunny and pretty out," Jax recalled. "I had even [James Kennedy] reach out to me out of all people. The people that hated me the most showed up."

Once backstage, Scheana opened up to Ariana Madix about her decision to text Jax Taylor, explaining that a text lasted much longer than a phone call because he can go back and re-read it as much as he likes.

"The second she texted me, I immediately texted him. I go, 'I'm sorry that I didn't actually dial your number. I sent a message that you could read over and over knowing how f****** sorry I was,'" she said.

Scheana Marie and Jax Taylor were recently in Sin City together

Scheana then revealed that she and Jax were on good terms just weeks prior. “Literally, Jax was just in Las Vegas two weeks ago high as f*** being like, ‘Oh yeah, I love you. I’m having so much fun,'" Scheana Marie continued.

As for Jax Taylor, he told a different story, claiming Scheana Marie went on a rant against him for failing to appear on the red carpet at her show. “She invited us to her show in Vegas. First thing I get to the show she’s just writing in her cell phone, ‘You didn’t come to this.

There was a red carpet.’ I’m like, ‘It’s not about you!’” he fumed.

“How hard is to call somebody? ‘Hey man, I know this is tough for you.’ I go over her house, I send her mother flowers and all I get is a text?" he continued. "Sh**, I got more from people I don’t even know!”

The second installment of the "Vanderpump Rules" season six reunion continues next Monday night, May 14 at 9 PM on Bravo TV.