In a roundabout way, you might say it was AI that brought Elon Musk and Grimes together as it certainly played a part in their meeting. How that happened is a bit too technical and may sound confusing, but it started off with a joke.

So here goes. In a nutshell, Elon was researching ideas for making a joke about Rococo Basilisk and his research brought him to Grimes who had beat him to it by about three years. The joke was dealing with the complications of artificial intelligence, (AI).

'Artsy performer'

While searching online, Elon discovered that Grimes, who Page Six refers to as an "artsy performer," had already created the joke that Elon wanted to unleash to the world.

That compelled the billionaire to get in touch with her.

AI joke backfires into romance?

Grimes created Rococo Basilisk, a character for her music video "Flesh Without Blood." She described this character as one that is "doomed to be eternally tortured" by artificial intelligence. She also found this character to be a little bit like Marie Antoinette.

So while Elon was researching the character to make an online joke, he found that Grimes had already made the same joke. It apparently impressed him enough that he felt he must reach out to her.

AI apocalypse

Musk, who is famous for his warnings of an AI apocalypse looming, was seen at the Met Gala Monday night with, none other than, Grimes. The two were photographed together and Grimes was wearing a Tesla choker as an accessory to her outfit.

According to Page Six, the "curious couple" made their debut as a duo on the red carpet at the Met Gala on Monday night. Rumors have it that the Tesla billionaire helped designed his new pop star girlfriend's outfit for the evening. It was the Telsa choker she wore that pointed to his hand in the design.

Tesla originals

Grimes, who is 30, sported the Tesla logo, but Elon, 46, wasn't without his own accessories with the Tesla slogan proudly glaring.

He wore a pin depicting the electric car company. It is assumed that both Tesla pieces were custom designed for the couple to wear at this venue.

Neither the Tesla pin nor the choker is displayed as accessories for sale on the Tesla website, which is where they would be if they were offered up for purchase to the masses. According to Page Six, the couple designed their outfits for the Met Gala over dinner, so it is safe to assume the accessories were part of that creative plan.

Design and wear

Grime's dress was made from "Glass and Bone" aesthetic and it was Musk and Grime who sketched the design of this dress over dinner one night.

Once they got it down on paper or an electronic device of some type, it was given to a team made up of designers and artists who made the dress come to life.

The couple has been together for about a month with a joke on Twitter about AI bringing the duo together.