The 1,200 folks from the general public who were invited to the Royal Wedding, not only had the glory of being at the event, but they also were given a gift bag that's apparently worth a small fortune today. It looks like these Royal Wedding gift bags are a hot item on eBay, as one woman was happy to sell her gifted goods to the top bidder, whose offer was close to $30K on eBay.

Clair Oliver was one of the lucky people who received an invitation to the Royal Wedding as one of the 1,200 guests invited from the general public. The resources manager from the U.K.

was lucky enough to get an invite.

That invitation got her a gift bag of memorabilia at the wedding, so she had something to take home from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day. The 1,200 other guests from the general public also got a gift bag.

1,200 people got these bags

According to Page Six, Oliver received that invite after she was picked to be part of the group allowed to stand outside of St. George's Chapel to get a gander at the Royal bride and groom. Oliver, like some of the others invited from the public, got their invitation for "showing strong leadership within their communities."

She works for a place that practices something Prince Harry holds close to his heart.

The name of the company is Troup Bywaters. It is an engineering firm that offers apprenticeships to young people.

Goody bag went online right away

It didn't take long for Oliver to make her decision to sell off her goody bag online.

Just a few hours after Prince Harry and Meghan said their vows, Oliver's bag of mementos was up for sale on eBay. According to Page Six, the exact amount she received as the top bid was $28,557. She had 83 people bid on this bag.

Sentiment or $30K?

Oliver was one of the early ones to put her goody bag online. Today, some of these Royal Wedding take-home bags are going for up to $70K on eBay reports Page Six.

Apparently, guests got wind of the huge profit they could make and followed in Oliver's footsteps.

For those folks who aren't that sentimental and who were lucky enough to be invited to Harry and Meghan's big day, it really was like hitting the lottery once they figured out they walked away with a goldmine in a bag. But at first, it was "supply in demand," so the bids reached up near $70K early in the week.

When more and more people followed suit and the bags popped up right and left online, the frenzy of the bidding calmed down. Now some bags sit stagnant with just a few hundred dollars as their top bid.

What will your $70K bid get you?

So just what does someone get who is wealthy enough to pay somewhere near $70K for one of these Royal Wedding bags?

According to Page Six, first of all, the canvas bag is embroidered with Prince Harry and Meghan's initials, so you are getting a nice tote-like bag. Inside, you will find a letter from Meghan and Harry welcoming the guest to their wedding.

Also included inside the bag is a bottle of Windsor Castle water, a good thing to have while standing outside for hours waiting to get a glimpse a the Royals on this big day. There was also a giant coin made of chocolate, a magnet for your refrigerator, shortbread in a tin, and a coupon for the castle gift shop offering 20 percent off your purchase.

Supply in demand no longer the case?

It looks as though the novelty may be wearing off. Oliver may have done this in the nick of time as she closed her bidding with the $30K price.

Despite some of the other bags online sitting with bids in the tens of thousands of dollars, it looks like supply in demand has weakened a bit.

When the first bags went up online, there was a mad dash for the bidders, but now that there are quite a few offered, some of these bags are sitting with bids around the $260 mark, a far cry from the earlier $70,000 bids.