Despite the Queen getting up there in age, she is still very much in control of even the smallest of details when it comes to her Royal Family. One incident of the Queen's ruling hand was overheard by a lip reader at the Royal Wedding. Lip readers, who were employed by various media outlets, also caught some of the endearing words spoken between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their special day.

So what's up with the Queen these days? It seems she allowed several royal rules and protocols to slide by the wayside for her grandson Harry's wedding, but she was still very adamant with other family members when it came to behavior that day.

One case in point is when she was seen by a lip reader directing her husband (Prince Phillip) to "keep waving" as they stood on the church steps after exiting the church. This is when Prince Harry and Meghan kissed for the crowd.

The Queen tells Prince Philip what to do with his hands

As you will notice in all the clips online, Prince Philip did just what his wife told him to do. He kept waving as he stood next to the Queen. Perhaps one of the most endearing quips caught was at the altar when Prince Charles handed Meghan over to Prince Harry.

Thanks to 'Pa'

Harry turned to his dad and said, "thank you pa," and then turned to his bride to say "you look amazing." He also added, "I missed you." That might be a reference to the day before the wedding when Meghan followed the tradition of not seeing the groom.

When Meghan and Harry first made it outside after the wedding and stood there on the church steps, Megahan asked her new husband, "Do we kiss?" Harry had one quick answer before they did.

He said, "yeah."

At this point, Meghan's mom was standing with Prince Charles on the steps and she turned to him to describe the service as "superb." This is just some of the chatter the various lip readers were able to pick up from Prince Harry and Meghan's special day.

'Wow' is the word of the day for Meghan

Throughout the procession, Meghan was in awe over the size of the crowds and repeated the word "wow" quite often. While making their way to the horse-drawn carriage waiting to carry them away from the church, Meghan turned to Harry to say -- "Wow. How busy! Unbelievable."

Harry was 'ready for a drink'

When the carriage ride was over, Meghan put her hand to her chest and said, "So much fun." While walking to the sound of a cheering crowd, Harry and Meghan made their way into the private garden and he turned to his bride to say that he was "ready for a drink now."

The lip readers also caught some of the banter going on before the wedding between the two prince brothers.

William turned to Harry and said something and Harry replied "I'm alright." This was considered a "heart-warming" exchange between the two brothers, according to the Daily Mail.

While Harry and William stood at the altar waiting for Meghan to arrive, Harry turned to his brother to ask "is she here yet?" William replied, "Not yet," but then took that back with: "I don't actually know."

'Tight trousers'

Harry told his brother that "my trousers are too tight," offering up a complaint that his military uniform was on the small side. There were other quick quips caught by the lip readers, like the conversation between Kate and Camilla while sitting in the church.

In dire need of the facilities

Camilla seemed to have lost her place in the church service book, and she asked Kate what page they should be on.

Kate offered up -- "I don't know." The very pregnant Zara Tindall, who is about one month away from her due date, turned to her husband Mike Tindall to say she "needs the toilet."

Tom Parker Bowles came to the wedding with an unidentified woman who was seen on the phone and the lip reader caught her saying: "I am not hungover today, so that’s really good."