Rihanna was the first person to openly talk about the extra weight she carried when she recently stepped out for a star-studded night. She also shared the problem she had while carrying the extra pounds, something she's not used to on her usually slender frame, but when the night was over, it all came off.

It is safe to say that Rihanna is one of the most recognized Celebrities in the world and while her voice became her claim to fame, her choice of attire has often put her in the headlines as well. It was her garb that put her in the headlines last week as she stepped out to a gala affair in what is being described as an outfit reminiscent of papal vestments.

Pack on pounds for fashion

The design that Rihanna wore to the Met Gala was nothing less than spectacular, and most can honestly say they haven't seen anything like it before. There was one downfall with this unique and gorgeous getup, it was so heavy that every step Rihanna took turned into a squat to keep herself upright under the weight, according to People Magazine.

Firming up her assets

Rihanna joked about her backside benefiting from the squats while walking in the Maison Margiela Artisanal ensemble that embodied the theme "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination," suggests People.

Her unbelievable attire is seen in the video from Vogue below.

She wore it well

Rihanna's mini dress, with a collared robe, were both embellished with beadwork galore, which is what weighed down her ensemble. To literally top off this creation, Rihanna donned an opulent papal mitre, which is a headdress used in ceremonies by bishops.

This headdress also was bejeweled with beadwork, which also added more weight to Rihanna's outfit for the night.

This isn't the first time that Rihanna packed on the pounds for fashion. Back in 2015, Rihanna wore an ensemble that weighed 55-pounds to the Met Gala, which is seen below.

While the weight of this year's outfit was not divulged, it was Rihanna herself who admitted that it was so heavy that she almost didn't wear it. At one point the singer from Barbados was toying with the idea of going with another creation from Maison Margiela but the beauty and uniqueness of this pope-like attire was not an outfit that Rihanna was ready to pass up.

Far from fashion fail

After all, one steps out to these gala affairs hoping to get noticed for all the right reasons. As a celeb, you don't want to appear in the headlines as a "fashion fail." Rihanna's critiques stayed far away from anything resembling a failure when it came to her choice of fashion for the evening.

She was a success!

It appears that her designer attire became one of the most jaw-dropping visuals of the evening, in a good way. Even with the outfit appearing pope-like, the critics loved it and they loved the way Rihanna looked while sporting the garb.

Yes, Rihanna packed on the pounds for the Met Gala, but it was all done for the sake of fashion. These were pounds that were easily shed when the evening was done. This extra weight also awarded her a night of exercise, which she claims benefited her backside from all the squat-like motions she endured while walking in her pope-like creation.