There's no doubt about Kim Kardashian's Cher fandom, as she's dressed up like Cher throughout the years for various parties and venues. This time around, Kim is in Vegas for Cher's show and she took an outfit right out of Cher's life and tries to make it her own.

Kim Kardashian donned this skimpy garb for Cher's concert and while it is throwback attire from Cher's heyday, Kim took the liberty of cutting the fabric a little closer to the skin so that more of her assets catch the eye. The outfit that Kim was sporting was similar to the one Cher donned for a 1974 production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," according to the Daily Mail.

'I got you, babe'

Is that Cher or Kim?

As you can see in the two Instagram videos above, Kim had herself one good time seeing one of her most favorite entertainers in concert. Kim's throwback outfit showed all the skin and maybe even a bit more than Cher did back in the mid-seventies when she wowed the masses in her garb. It screams, "I got you, babe," so the reports today suggest!

This is not the first time Kim dressed up as Cher and really pulled the look-alike attempt off, as seen in the tweet below.

It appears that Kim has a bit of an infatuation with Cher, as seen through the years when she dressed up as the iconic singer.

Whether it be for Halloween or to go to see Cher in concert, Kim does her best Cher impersonation for the evening.

They may look alike, but they can't sing alike

Kim really does look a lot like Cher when she puts an outfit together, but that is where their similarities in talent come to an end.

Cher has a voice that can bring people to their knees or start a stream of tears down your face with the amount of feeling she puts into her songs. Kim, on the other hand, can't sing, and she has proved that a few times when she attempted to do so.

If you forgot what that was like, you can remind yourself with the video below.

Kim's music video went over like a lead balloon at the time. Her voice is not soothing and the song is disappointing from the tune to the lyrics.

Bizarre music video

This was a much-anticipated music video at the time, and all her fans waited with baited breath to get a gander at Kim's first big push into music. It didn't take long at all for this to be filed under the word "flop." Who can forget Kim's attempt at a music video with Kanye West when the two sat on a motorcycle and she made a weird sound, "a-ha honey" now and then to Kanye's odd rapping.

That music video can be seen below. It was a weird experimental video with some soul music, rapping and Kim's almost hillbilly like "a-ha honey" thrown into the mix.

Needless to say, it wasn't a show stopper.

Can't carry a tune in a basket

This goes to show you that Kim has experimented with many different venues through her adult life, starting with that tape that many folks believe was her claim to fame. She's proved she's not a singer, but she does manage to capture the masses just by moving about in her everyday life.

Her "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" show is nothing more than cameras following her and the family around to get a glimpse of how they live. Thankfully, she does not have to rely on her singing for a living.