It has been known Pauley Perrette is going to leave her character as Abby Sciuto in “NCIS” Season 15, and it is going to happen in the upcoming Episode 22, “Two Steps Back.” As the promotional images and the new trailer for the new episode are now revealed, it is heavily teased that she might leave the show in a body bag.

In Episode 21, “One Step Forward,” Abby and Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) were surprised by a man’s attack. As a brawl happened, Abby tried to help him, but he said, “You think you're better than me? You want to help me? ... You can't." Later on, a shot was heard, and Reeves pushed Abby in the alley.

However, it was not revealed if anyone was hit as the screen suddenly turned to black.

Will Abby die?

In “NCIS” Season 15 Episode 22’s trailer, it looks like Abby is the one who got shot as she is seen lying on a hospital bed while a ventilator is hooked on her. There is even a scene where Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) is seen next to a body bag, although it seems like Abby is not yet in it.

In “Two Steps Back” synopsis, on the other hand, an NCIS team member is said to be a hitman’s latest target as proved by some evidence. So, to know who this guy that is seeking vengeance, the group has to look through the old case files.

According to BuddyTV, there is a big possibility the mugger seen in Episode 21 is not really a mugger, but a hitman.

The guy might really be targeting Abby. Although Reeves managed to push her away, it looks like she will end up injured and in a critical condition in “NCIS” Season 15 Episode 22. This might also explain why Abby is in the hospital.

Pauley Perrette teases her last episode's events

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Pauley Perrette was asked how emotional her last episode in “NCIS” Season 15 would be.

"I actually can't say," she said. However, she later explained it is simply because she doesn’t know how to describe the many kinds of different feelings they have, and not because she is not allowed to say anything about “Two Steps Back.”

“It's a cornucopia of emotions,” she added. The 49-year-old star revealed her goodbye is full of tears, laughs, and more tears but still a lot of love.

It is packed with different emotions that she still feels emotional being the actress who plays Abby’s role in 15 years.

Pauley Perrette then revealed there would be a character from Abby’s past that will be coming in “NCIS” Season 15 Episode 22. And this mysterious character is going to play an important role in the plotline.

“NCIS” Season 15 Episode 22, “Two Steps Back” airs on Tuesday, May 8, on CBS.