"Rick and Morty" has become one of those ridiculously popular animated television shows. The reception that it has received as a show and a brand is massive and continues to stick around as a benchmark for witty writing, character development, and animation. Loosely based on regurgitated concepts from various shows such as "Doctor Who," "Back to the Future," and others, the show has made its mark on modern animated television. The brainchild of Justin Roiland has reached unfathomable heights, even bagging the Critic’s Choice Awards for the best Animated Television Show of our time.

What seems like half-a**** animation that was originally made by Justin Roiland in his free time, and named "The Adventures of Doc and Mharty," has come a long way since its birth. Fans all across the globe wait endlessly as they ache for the new season and what will follow the unexplained shenanigans that took the stage in the third season.

What’s the big deal?

"Rick and Morty" has given no official word of when the fourth installment will be released. Even an approximation of when is nowhere in sight, although there have been rumors of a late 2019 release. Dan Harmon reached out to his followers on Twitter recently, stating that the whole process of writing for the upcoming season isn’t really shaping up at all, owing to his laziness and alcoholism.

He also added that it does not make sense to write for a show that hasn’t been ordered by its broadcasting network, in this case, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

This tweet has left the fandom shattered.

While some blame it on what the fandom has become, others patiently wait for more news from the show's co-creator, as he has always been full of surprises as far as this show is concerned. Some even speculate that the tweet is a publicity stunt. We won't know for sure until there is further news.

The questions that need answering

Season Three of "Rick and Morty" has been a massive cliffhanger with all of its episodes opening up new possibilities in terms of the show's future. The fandom is in solid anticipation and eager to have their questions answered and theories validated. Some of the more pressing questions that need to be answered in the upcoming season include what the deal is with Rick Sanchez’s biomechanical modifications. Also grinding the fandom's gears is the question of what will become of the Citadel of Rick’s now that it has a new face and representative, Evil Morty. Moreover, what is Morty from Earth C-137 turning into? And, what will Jerry Smith’s future with his family be like?

All of this coupled with numerous other fan speculations makes the wait for Season 4 more grueling. With every passing day, a new theory arises and fans across fan pages and forums such as Reddit continue to speculate. To the disappointment of the collective fandom, we just received what might be the worst news ever.