Netflix has no shortage of quality content when it comes to stand-up comedy. There are comedy specials from young, old, popular, and unpopular entertainers. Every comedian offers a unique perspective on the world that others can relate to, and comedians tell those perspectives through stories.

The comedians with powerful stories hold a special place in the entertainment industry because their jokes are timeless. Netflix carries some of those timeless masterpieces in its collection right now.

1. ‘John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City’

“Kid Gorgeous at Radio City”, which came to Netflix in 2018, is John Mulaney’s most recent comedy special.

It received worldwide praise from critics and regular audiences. Using his wit and experience in writing comedy shows, Mulaney keeps the audience laughing with tales from his childhood and life. There’s never an unfunny moment in “Kid Gorgeous at Radio City”, and it’s one of the greatest stand-up comedy shows Netflix has to offer.

2. 'Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin & Deep in the Heart of Texas'

After a long hiatus from comedy, Dave Chappelle returned to performing when he signed a deal with Netflix. Chappelle even earned a Grammy Award at the 60th Annual Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album with his comedy specials: “The Age of Spin & Deep in the Heart of Texas”.

In the specials, Chappelle goes from recalling hilarious encounters with O.J. Simpson and Kevin Hart to talking about America's "racial hot seat." Chappelle has been missed, and his comedy specials make history as the strongest comebacks by a comedian ever.

3. 'Chris Rock: Tamborine'

Before “Tamborine”, Chris Rock hadn’t released a concert special in ten years.

His ability to tell funny stories that keep audiences interested hasn’t faded with time, and his voice is still as memorable and iconic as ever. Chris Rock's advice on how to live as a black man is as important as it is truthful. He jokes about his struggles in life, President Donald Trump, his children, and more. Rock has the talent to make anything he talks about funny.

4. 'Bo Burnham: Make Happy'

Few comedians can match Bo Burnham’s excellent comedic timing. Burnham offers a fresh comedy experience by including music and dancing into his performance. Burnham writes and performs his own songs during his stand-up specials, and it sometimes feels like a concert rather than a comedy show. No other comedian can match Burnham's comedic and musical style.

5. 'Donald Glover: Weirdo'

Before Donald Glover’sThis is America”, “Awaken, My Love!” and “Atlanta” made him a household name, Glover worked on smaller projects that would form the backbone of his career in every field he would later rise in. Before “Atlanta”, Glover was best known for his role as Troy Barnes in “Community” and his stand-up special “Weirdo” on Comedy Central.

6. 'Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Not Fat... I’m Fluffy'

Gabriel Iglesias’s “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy” is a must-see for stand-up comedian lovers. Iglesias jokes about subjects such as his own weight and life as a Mexican. Food jokes are his staple, and they’re all too relatable. Nothing about his life is off limits, and the adventures of someone who calls himself "Fluffy" are just as entertaining as expected.

7. 'Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster'

Jeff Dunham has single-handedly revived ventriloquism over the years. His stand-up style that uses puppets to tell jokes never gets old. His many bizarre characters keep the show alive with humor for all ages. Dunham is easily one of the most family accessible comedians, and “Relative Disaster” is another funny addition to his legacy.

8. 'DeRay Davis: How to Act Black'

"DeRay Davis: How to Act Black” flew under the radar for many people, or it was just avoided by people. It’s a very niche stand-up special because most of the jokes are about being black. Comedy doesn’t always have to cater to the general public. Davis created a hilarious special that many people can still relate to. This special earned Davis a cult following.

9. 'Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust'

Sarah Silverman is unapologetically bold. “A Speck of Dust” is possibly her best comedy special yet. She has attracted a lot of hateful people for her jokes on religion and politics, but the jokes are important all the same. Her humor is controversial to the extreme, and those who agree with her stances will find her refreshing and breathtaking.

10. 'Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers'

Comedy doesn’t get much darker than Anthony Jeselnik’s “Thoughts and Prayers”. Jeselnik creates jokes that are too risky for any other comedian to get away with. He makes fun of murder, babies, and women. He makes it a game to be as offensive and edgy as possible. Fans of untraditional comedy with love Jeselnik’s ruthlessness in “Thoughts and Prayers.”