Sabrina Burkholder of "Breaking Amish" has been through a lot over the years. She has been arrested more than once and has lost her kids. Now, In Touch Weekly shared the details about how all Sabrina says that the producers are helping her to stay sober so she can see her kids. This is exactly what she wants to happen.

Sabrina shares the details

Sabrina is speaking out now and sharing what is going on. Both of her children have been adopted by their father's sister and so Sabrina doesn't have custody of the girls. She has made it obvious she wants them in her life, but she doesn't stay clean.

Sabrina shared the details on Facebook about what is going on now. It sounds like she is ready to get her act together.

It turns out that she saw her Parole Officer recently and is working with them. She actually signed papers that allows TLC know everything that is going on with her and they are really trying hard to help her out with staying sober. If she doesn't pass a pee test, then they will find out. She said, "That way I am held accountable and have to do well, otherwise, I will lose my job. I decided that I need that kind of structure in my life."

The show is returning

Another thing that Sabrina dropped in her comments on Facebook was that she could end up losing her job if she is found doing drugs again.

This means that they are filming more of "Return To Amish" and Sabrina wants to make sure that she has her job and paycheck coming in. This is the only job she has it sounds like so she can't lose that one or she will be in a worse spot that she is now.

It turns out that at first, her parole officer didn't have to tell TLC anything except for if she was ok or in jail.

Now that she has signed these papers they can tell TLC anything they want about how she is doing and her progress. As long as Sabrina stays clean, then she should be able to see her daughters, but since they have been adopted that means that she will never have custody of them again. They are now in a stable environment.

Sabrina Burkholder went on to explain that she wants her kids to have someone to look up to in her and that she has to get her at together for that to happen.

It sounds like the fans may get to see some of this and how she is doing when the show "Return to Amish" returns to TLC, but there is no word yet when it will be back again.

Do you think that Sabrina Burkholder can get her act together now? Do you feel like she will be able to see her daughters? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.