Anfisa and Jorge are one of the couples from "90 Day Fiance" that nobody was ever sure if would make it or not. They seem to still be together in a new preview for "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After," but it also sounds like it could almost be over. Jorge is talking to a girl on the phone and it appears he may be the father of a little girl. Jorge and Anfisa don't have any children together so far. They also didn't have any children from previous relationships.

Details about this new drama

In this preview clip, Jorge is talking to a woman on speakerphone.

Anfisa is sitting with him, so he isn't talking to her. They are talking all about a child that could be his and it is obvious that it is with this other mystery woman. Jorge doesn't seem to know yet if he is the father and he even agrees that he will take a DNA test if she wants him to so that he can prove if he is the dad or not. Of course, they don't let us know if he is the father or not and the fans will have to wait until the show airs to find out those details.

Anfisa is not happy about this at all and even makes mention that she won't be with him anymore if he is the father of someone else's child. There have been rumors that Jorge cheated on Anfisa, but this could also be an older child that was from before they were ever together.

If that is the case then she might not be as upset. Now if Jorge ended up getting another woman pregnant while he was married to Anfisa, then you know that she is going to be really upset and probably won't stick around with him.

Are these two going to work out?

As of right now, it looks like Anfisa and Jorge are still together.

The fans will have to wait to see "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" to find out if they make it or not. It will also be interesting to see if he has a child with another woman. These two always have their drama, so you know that they are going to bring it on the show.

Anfisa and Jorge did split briefly before, but it never seems to last for them.

They always get back together so it would be surprising if they ever actually call it quits. They seem to get along regardless of their differences.

Do you think that it is going to turn out that Jorge has a daughter? Do you feel like Jorge and Anfisa are going to make it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when it returns to TLC. This show is going to be full of contestants from past seasons giving updates on how they are doing now.