Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson trolls his friend, Kevin Hart. He reveals a picture of baby Kevin. The Rock's joke on Kevin - is Kevin Hart Johnson's baby boy?

The Rock's joke on Kelvin

With the marvelous revolutions that photography has undergone today, it's almost difficult to figure out what is real and what is fake. Photoshop has certainly not helped anyone out with this dilemma. It has been a shameless show-off, as it spawns beautifully impossible pictures or grotesque sights too gruesome to behold. It's not surprising then, that popular actor Dwayne Johnson would seek the comforting arms of this merciless photographic software as he sought to throw another jibe at the hilarious comedian, Kevin Hart.

Clearly, these two, that have worked and starred together on a number of movies (Jumanji, welcome to the jungle and Central Intelligence), often enjoy throwing funny jibes at each other. It's not surprising since both actors make up for anything they may lack with an incredible sense of humor.

Is Kevin Hart Johnson's baby boy?

In the middle of a joyful reception for his third daughter last week, Johnson unveiled, on Instagram, a picture of baby Tiana on his chest, but where beautiful Tiana’s head should have been, what do the fans see - but Kevin Hart’s rather bearded face poking out from under Johnson's jaw. In the days after the birth of their daughter, Johnson and his girlfriend, Hashian had shared multiple pictures of their new-born bundle of joy, expressing their joy to their fans on social media.

Apparently, though, this particular picture had nothing to do with Tiana nor with the expression of that joy. Accompanying the hilarious picture was a “beautifully cute” poem designed for his “son”. It reads:

“To my beloved son, Kevin Hart,

Twinkle Twinkle little Hart

I just don’t know where to start

Daddy will always love and protect your tiny little soul

Even though you were delivered directly out of the b******e."

And then he went on to add hashtags.

"Shhhh, JustShutYourLittleMouth, AndGoNightNight and OnDaddysPecMeat"

Comments from thousands of Johnson's fans filled the social media arena as they appreciated the hilarious nature of the picture and all that it implies. Although the joke seemed demeaning, Hart seemed to have spotted and enjoyed the healthy joke, taking in the whole situation happily as he shared the picture on social media.

Alongside the shared image, he writes:

“The internet will forever be undefeated. This is hilarious as hell”. He added a couple of laughing emoji. But the joke didn't end there. Johnson still commented on Hart's post:

“Shhhh, just shut up your little mouth and go night night on daddy's pec meat”

For their fans, it has been a week filled with laughter.