Fans of "Rick and Morty" are well aware of the news that the fourth installment of the most sought after and watched hit animated television show is most likely to grace our eyes only around late 2019.

The wait, however long and achingly painful, is always filled with wonderful surprises in the form of shorts, surprise episodes, cameos, collaborations, games, comic book adaptations, sneak previews, and the likes to keep the collective fandom satiated and occupied, forever choo-chooing the hype train.

A Game of Puns and Praises

"Rick and Morty" is a show known for its knack to mock, ridicule, and borrow ideas from pop culture successes, all the while maintaining its own integrity and style.

Although there have been other shows which have solely thrived on making parody episodes of largely successful television shows, "Rick and Morty" has its own basal foundation, its own series of core events that gorgeously knits itself into a wholesome big picture, while leaving adequate room to insert references and mock shows and present a moral at the end of each episode that falls under the categories of “go figure” and “to each their own”.

Not too long ago, however, Adult Swim took the liberty to mock one of the most sought-after fantasy television dramas of our time, by leaving a snide little comment at the end of one of their episodes of the third season, mourning the writing style, indicating that it had peaked at 2016, and that it has lost its standard in its latest season.

The show we speak of here is none other than "Game of Thrones".

The fanbase of both the shows took this to a whole new level by fuelling it with the biased opinions, when in reality, the outcome of the said message was entirely different and harmless.

There was no retaliation or cold war of any sort. In fact, the showrunners and a good portion of the fan base agreed to the statement Adult Swim made. GOT's latest season did seem like a watered-down version in terms of the writing.

Moving forward in unison

In a surprising and pleasant turn of events, "Game of Thrones" showrunners David Benioff and D.B.

Weiss announced that they would be working on releasing a special commentary track along with GOT star Peter Dinklage, and the co-creators of "Rick and Morty", Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, that will be included in the "Rick and Morty" Season 3 Blu-Ray DVD pack.

The news seems to have brought a sense of contentment and joy amidst the fans, some of them debating it to be a form of truce between some of the best showrunners our time has to offer.

David Benioff went on to praise "Rick and Morty", saying that the monologue of Pickle Rick at the therapist during the end of the episode with the same title was some of the best writing of the year 2017.

The duo also went on to appreciate the show as a whole, saying it is one of the funniest and wittiest shows of our time, and that is it more wholesome than a lot of new age sci-fi movies are. Could this spin off into a collaboration? Only time will tell.