Chelsea DeBoer tends to live a quiet life in South Dakota despite being one of the most popular reality stars to come out of MTV. She has been on "Teen Mom 2" since the show began almost seven years ago and she tends to stay out of trouble. Even though she has shared stories of drug use, court cases, and custody drama, it all pertains to Adam Lind, who is the biological father of her daughter Aubree. Jenelle Evans, Chelsea's "Teen Mom 2" co-star, has slammed Chelsea for pretending to live a perfect life, but it seems like she just manages to stay out of trouble and out of the headlines.

But despite her best efforts, it sounds like DeBoer still has to deal with some haters and pretenders.

This week, DeBoer learned that some person has been using her pictures to create a fake Instagram account. It sounds like someone is trying to catfish someone else, and that person is using Chelsea's photos. According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer had no idea that someone was using her photos and she asked what it was all about. The person who has used the photos claims that she's bisexual and people quickly started to ask some questions. Was Chelsea hiding something from her "Teen Mom 2" fans?

Bi-sexual mother and wife

On the Instagram profile, the catfisher reveals that they are a mother of two, an amazing wife and bisexual.

Of course, Chelsea DeBoer has nothing against bisexuals as she did the NoH8 campaign a few years ago. But DeBoer may have an issue with someone using her photos and lying to people about who she really is. DeBoer revealed that she's not bisexual and she has no idea where this profile comes from.

Not pretending to be the reality star

Of course, Chelsea DeBoer could just report this person to Twitter to have the account removed. In a screenshot captured by some of Chelsea's fans, it appears that the person has used several of her photos to fool people on the social media network.

Chelsea revealed to her follower that she's not convinced that the person is trying to pretend to be her, but that the person could just be using her photos to hide who he or she really is. DeBoer could reach out to Nev and Max from MTV's "Catfish" to get their help in tracking down who this person is. It would definitely be an interesting show to see who was using Chelsea's photos and calling themselves a bisexual wife, confusing DeBoer's fans.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's comments about the catfish? What do you think she should do?