On Thursday the 2018 Nurses Ball was in full swing on "General Hospital and may be the best one thus far. The musical acts and entertainment along with the drama surrounding current Port Charles storylines were fun to watch. Felix, Epiphany, and Amy were back on screen and there was a surprise from Nina and Curtis. Sam gained ground in her investigation of Peter while detective Chase gave an impromptu performance. Valentin tried to make a quick getaway as Maxie is putting her trust in Peter. Alexis missed her cue to come on stage because she was watching Finn admit his feelings for Anna.

Nurses Ball showcases recurring characters

The 2017 “General Hospital” Nurses Ball was promoted and hyped because of the Chimera project. Viewers, however, have expressed that it fell short of expectations. On Thursday it was clear that this year's gala is pulling out all the stops. As in years past, extra's were utilized and some of the recurring characters got to showcase their talent but probably will not have a larger role on the show again until next May.

The opening act was the "GH" nurses performing "Sly and the Family Stone's" 1969 hit "Everyday People" Fans had the opportunity to enjoy the talents of Felix, Amy, and Epiphany with each being showcased singing lead and being backed up by extra's who are not normally on the show.

Robin was in attendance with her daughter Emma who has had a growth spurt since her last visit to Port Charles.

Viewers and PC residents were kept on the edge of their seats

The Port Charles residents who were in attendance, as well as the viewing audience, were caught off guard by several surprises. Nina assisted Curtis in a magic act that was really worthwhile and had an unexpected twist.

Jordan was called on stage during the performance, and a ring appeared out of nowhere. Mr. Ashford asked the police commissioner's hand in marriage and she agreed to be his wife. Aunt Stella grimaced from the audience but everyone else thought this was the highlight of the Nurses Ball thus far.

Detective Chase was tricked, by Dante, into a solo singing and dancing performance which went quite well and when it was over he even forgave his partner for the deception.

Meanwhile, his half-brother Finn was backstage professing his love for Anna as Alexis stood in the shadows. Alexis was so rattled by what she heard that she did not hear her name called to go onstage and accept her award. None of this, however, was the highlight of Thursday's episode.

What really kept fans on the edge of their seats was Valentin and Peter. The two men glared at each other across the room, smiled in front of the Nurses Ball guest and bickered behind closed doors. During one heated exchange, Sam took note of their tension and went to the Arora offices to search for clues. It looked like she was going to be caught when the door opened unexpectedly but it was only the janitor. After he left Sam hit pay dirt when she found a lighter engraved with Ceasar Faison's initials. The "General Hospital" annual gala concludes Friday at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.