This past season on "Married at First Sight" the fans got to meet Molly Duff. A lot of people didn't feel like she really treated her new husband the way that she should have, which didn't give their marriage a chance. She was married to Jonathan Francetic. Molly then went on social networks and said that she was a victim of verbal abuse. After that, she took eight weeks off of her social networks.

Molly is back once again

Molly simply tweeted saying, "Hi loves! Its been a nice break/much needed social media detox." It sounds like she enjoyed the time away and not everyone telling her their opinions of her.

After you are on reality television, you have to deal with a lot of people giving you a hard time and telling you their thoughts of you. She then said, "Only on for a sec to say I'm no longer private on IG & that's where I post these days! Sorry to those who requested awhile ago, it wiped out all the pending requests. Anyway here I amm. IG:mollyelisabeth92." It sounds like you won't be catching Molly on her Twitter much at all anymore.

She had people who were supportive of her, but then Molly also had people who were making death threats to her. Some people were taking it too far and of course, this upset her. Once you are on a show like this, you have to deal with people giving you a hard time and all of their opinions if you want them or not.

Is she dating again?

On her Instagram, Molly posted a picture with a guy but didn't say who it was at all. This has the fans thinking that she is probably dating someone new already. It would be interesting if Molly ends up finding someone new and things go better. Her relationship on the show was obviously one that was a rough one and might not work out.

Maybe now that Molly Duff is back on social networks, she will share with them what is going on. If she is dating, it might take her a bit to share that she has found a man or who he is at all. It will be interesting to see how open she is with her fans now. Everyone wants to know the details of her life.

Do you feel like Molly Duff will still get a hard time on social networks?

For now, fans will just have to see what she posts. Don't miss a new season of "Married at First Sight" when it returns to Lifetime with a new season. They have already confirmed that there is a new season coming, and the fans can't wait to see if they pick out great couples for the next one or not. Sometimes the show makes great choices and others they are a total disaster.