There have been rumors for years that Meri Brown is leaving the family and moving on. Now a source is speaking out to In Touch Weekly and saying that Meri has finally moved on. There has been some talk that she might have a new man in her life, but Meri has never confirmed that news. If she has a new man, that would explain why she has allegedly moved on from Kody.

The source shares what is going on

A source is now speaking out and sharing what is allegedly going on with Meri Brown. The source said, "Meri has relocated to Utah. [She] is staying at her great-grandparents’ home that’s now a bed and breakfast.

She’s loving it there." The thing is everyone knows how much this house means to Meri. It was really important to her and she wanted the house. Meri also said that she wouldn't be living there and taking care of it, but that might have changed.

If this source is correct, then Meri and Kody are still trying to be friends. It sounds like she still wants to do the reality show as well, but the source says they don't want to fake it for the cameras anymore. Instead, they are going to show everyone what is really going on with them.

The history between these two

Meri and Kody Brown have had their issues over the years. They actually got a divorce so that he could marry Robyn Brown, but that was simply so he could adopt her children.

Meri and Kody insisted at the time that all was still well in their marriage and they were staying together.

If you remember, Meri was actually caught in a catfish scandal where she was talking to someone online who said that they were a man and it turned out they were a woman. This really caused some problems in her marriage with Kody, but they have stayed together.

It looks like they have never been able to get things in their marriage fixed, though. They still don't always get along even though they try. Kody did recently visit Meri where she was working with her clothing business for their anniversary.

Since then, they admitted that they were not being intimate, but they were still married and working on things.

It seems that Meri and Kody might not have been able to work through their issues. The fans are just going to have to wait and see what Meri and Kody end up having to say about what is going on if they ever speak out.

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