Melania Trump has two camps waiting for her reveal of a new initiative that is planned to take place in the Rose Garden on Monday. There are those who are genuinely interested in what Melania is about to reveal and then there are those who don't care what it is. These are the people who are ready and waiting with their negativity aimed at her looming reveal.

As a mom, Melania has always maintained that her role as a mother is something that she will always put first in life no matter what else comes along. This is something she demonstrated to the world by staying behind in New York for Barron to finish out his school year when Donald Trump first moved into the White House.

With that said, it is no surprise that Melania is ready to embark on an official initiative that will have something to do with improving the lives of the children in this nation.

Camping season begins!

There are two camps anxiously waiting for Melania's reveal today, the ones who will support her and those who will pick her plans apart. According to New York Magazine, Melania's reveal will have something to do with children, but the details are not known. People are already lining up on social media sites and taking aim at Melania Trump's timing of this; after all, they say... she's been in this role for a year and a half.

Most would be hard-pressed to find something negative with an initiative that has the welfare of children in mind.

But the anti-Trump culture will more than likely do their best to let the air out of the tires of anything Melania Trump rolls out for her plan.

Not an easy gig

Melania has been the first lady of the nation for 16-months and as the Guardian is reporting today, "Melania Trump steps out of Donald's shadow – after a year and a half." Melania is not like the previous first ladies of the nation, as she didn't spend any time prepping for the job of being the first lady.

From what Michelle Obama has said about the position in the past, it is not an easy role to step into.

The last half dozen first ladies to grace the White House had years of preparation in the political life. Michelle Obama was a Senator's wife before becoming the first lady. Hillary Clinton was the first lady of Arkansas when Bill was the governor and both of the Bush family first ladies came up in the ranks with their husbands in political life.

Sheltered and warm... now open and exposed

Melania spent much of her time isolated in a gilded tower with her son and parents where she wasn't expected to embark on public speaking or hosting the dignitaries of the world. She was a mom, and a very privileged mother, but a mom just the same. So it looks as if the first lady is honing in on her talents as a mom and putting those skills to use for the children of this nation.

As the Guardian suggests to their readers today, Melania Trump "didn't sign up for this." They also suggest that her supporters will welcome Melania's involvement in the welfare of the nation's children, but they expect a few disparaging words from the Trump naysayers.

The good, the bad, and the ugly will weigh-in.

The camp that isn't thrilled about the Trump family taking up residence in the White House will surely find condemning words to suggest Melania Trump is doing "too little" and it's "too late." She doesn't have a chance coming out of the gate with those who sit with that mindset today. But for the folks out there who see any help offered to the children of this nation as a good thing, Melania will fare well.