You know that dream job that your parents and teachers tell you you'll never get? The one where you get paid to do something you love? Well, good news, an opportunity to live that life and have that job has arrived; and it's with the fan favorite company, Netflix.

You have probably never heard of a 'Grammaster' before. Netflix created this term meaning, an Instagram master. On their official site, Netflix has posted a job opening, hiring a small group of people to travel and take pictures for their Netflix Canada Instagram account. Only three people will be chosen for the position of ‘Grammaster’ so it can be assumed that competition will be high.

Using information from Netflix’s official media site and their hiring site for the position, I will explain what a ‘Grammaster’ does, what you need to qualify, and how to apply.

The role of a 'Grammaster'

If you were to obtain this rare title of 'Grammaster' you will have a few duties to carry out, whether or not these are simple duties is up to you. Netflix Canada is looking for fans and Canadian residents to capture the behind the scenes of what makes Netflix shows possible. You will be expected to showcase the beauty of Canada's landscape as well as the amazing people who make up the country. Yes, this means you will get to travel to different famous sets and locations throughout Canada. Their focus is to shine a light on the beauty, passion, and talent that courses through the veins of those who work on Netflix productions.

This does sound like the chance of a lifetime, and it probably is, so don't let the next bit of information deter you from possibly applying. Netflix also mentions as a duty that 'Grammasters' "must be willing to travel the country, for a short-term, even by dog sled if required." You read that right. Dog sled. To some, this may sound like a lot of fun, but to others, it may sound a bit difficult and primitive.

If you aren't willing to get a little dirty and try new things this definitely isn't for you.

How to apply

As long as you're a fan of TV, movies, and more importantly, Netflix originals, then you have a chance. Applying is easy. As long as you meet the amusing set of requirements Netflix lists out on their official site, then all you have to do is apply through Instagram [VIDEO].

Tag three of your best photos with the hashtag "#GrammastersNorth" (no quotes), and follow Netflix Canada's Instagram page. According to Netflix they will be judging based on, "the creativity and originality of the photos."

If you are still interested, act fast. They opened up to applications May 3, 2018, and close May 11, 2018. It's a small, competitive window, but it's definitely not too late. Once they close to new applicants, they plan on notifying people for a first interview on May 14, 2018. By May 25, 2018, Netflix will have their three finalists chosen and will announce the official 'Grammasters' around June 8, 2018. Remember, you do get paid for this, and I'm sure Netflix takes the hiring process very seriously. If you decide to give it a try, good luck!