John McCain has made it known to the masses that Donald Trump is not invited to his funeral.

McCain is a man with a huge family who loves him and constituents who adore him but yet he is spending his time thinking about Donald Trump. There's been no information on songs, inspirational poems, or even Bible verses that McCain would like for his funeral, no, just that he doesn't want Donald Trump in attendance.

Trump tops funeral arrangements

Newsweek reports that John McCain has made his wishes for his funeral arrangements known to his family. He wants his service held at the National Cathedral in Washington.

Those folks who are close enough to McCain and who were privy enough to be let in on his plans have shared this little tidbit with the public -- McCain doesn't want Trump at his funeral.

Instead of the president of the United States, McCain would rather have Mike Pence come to his funeral. McCain, who was promoting his memoir, "The Restless Wave" on NPR a while back did say he doesn't know how much longer he will be here.

McCain out of the public eye

A year ago this coming July, McCain was diagnosed with the same type of brain cancer that took the life of Beau Biden in 2015 and the life of Edward Kennedy in 2009.

It is called glioblastoma, which is a progressive form of brain cancer.

McCain has not been in the public since December when he was admitted to the hospital for a viral infection. His daughter, Meghan McCain, has filled the nation in on her dad from time to time, when on "Fox News" or with the ladies on the daytime talk show, "The View."

Trump not wanted at service

This news about McCain making a request that Trump doesn't attend his funeral comes on the heels of Barbra Bush's funeral last month.

Trump's absence at the Bush funeral made headline news.

The president said that he opted not to go to the funeral to avoid putting all the extra security at the service, which could possibly cause disruptions and get in the way of the ceremony.

The day was about Barbara Bush and Trump said he wanted it to stay that way. Melania Trump went on his behalf and she did a wonderful job of representing both herself and her husband.

McCain's wishes

When it is time to mourn and say goodbye to John McCain, the US Senator has already taken that decision out of Trump's hands. According to Market Watch, McCain told his close friends that he doesn't want Trump at his funeral and the White House has already been notified of McCain's wishes.

There is no love loss for Donald Trump when it comes to McCain, who has made this quite clear in the past. There is so much more to focus on besides his disdain for Donald Trump.

With that said, all anyone can do is pray that McCain has a much longer life than he seems to anticipate. This is not only for his sake but for his family's sake as well.