Mariah Brown of "Sister Wives" is doing great and living her life. She recently shared with fans that she was going to graduate school, but didn't give out the details. Today she went to her Instagram to share her exact plans and also a big move across the country that goes along with it. Mariah sounds like things are going well for her and her girlfriend Audrey as well.

Mariah shares what is next

Mariah Brown posted a picture of herself along with a caption explaining what is going to happen next. She said, "I’m so ready to finally head back to school and continue my education at Loyola University Chicago.

I’ll be getting my Master of Social Work + Social Justice. I can wait to move across the country with my favorite person + little dogs. On to the next adventure //."

This means that Mariah Brown's girlfriend Audrey Kriss must be making the move with her. They seem to be doing great and there is no reason not to think that when Mariah says "my favorite person" she means Audrey. They will be pretty far away from her family in Las Vegas since they will be clear in Chicago. Lucky for her, Meri Brown, her mom, has been doing a lot of traveling with her online clothing boutique business so that may make things easier for them to see each other. They will find a way to make it work and see each other.

Fans share their thoughts

The fans seem really excited for Mariah Brown and her choice for graduate school. One fan said, " I’m a huge fan of the show and am in chicago/Loyola graduate. Hit a brother up if u need something." Another fan replied, "Good luck! Received my MSW last year from Appalachian State. Working on my LCSW and soon my LCAS credentials.

My degree has opened many doors for me and will for you too." It sounds like Mariah made a great choice.

Most of the comments on her post are people congratulating her or telling her all about the area she will be moving to soon. Hopefully, the TLC cameras will be following her around when she moves and gets settled in the area.

The fans enjoy getting updates on the children as well as the adults in the Brown family. Mariah is one that the fans know well since she is Meri and Kody Brown's only biological child together.

Fans can't wait to get more updates on the Brown family. The show "Sister Wives" has been renewed, but TLC hasn't shared when it will be back with new episodes. They have already shared some of the plans for this summer and "Sister Wives" wasn't talked about so it may be the fall before it returns.