The latest updates for "Jessica Jones" Season 3 reveal a potential list of new characters being added to the Marvel Netflix series. The Hashtag Show revealed details of four on the casting list for the show and theorized that two of those names are characters from the Marvel comics that could be this season's main villain.

"Jessica Jones" has been renewed for a third season and will continue the superpowered private eye's misadventures as she embarks on new cases that will lead to dangerous and often horrifying situations, as well as combating the inner demons that have haunted her for years.

The new season will also explore other supportive characters' lives after the events of season 2.

New faces in the show

According to The Hashtag Show, four new characters will be introduced in season 3 under the names of Elliot, Collins, Keira, and Zelda. Elliot is described as a charismatic gambler and alcoholic in his mid-30's. He is attractive, quick-witted, and dry. His edgy personality can get him out of situations even in the dearest circumstances.

Collins is a physically fit person with extreme intelligence and a meticulous personality. He is driven by a pathological need to be superior.

Keira is a bohemian cellist who is known for her intelligence and sexy elegance. She works as a music professor in the show.

Zelda is a smart, strong, and heavily driven woman whose natural talents can propel her to the top one day. She is described as earthy, beautiful, supportive, and fiercely protective of her friends and family.

The Hashtag Show theorized that Elliot and Collins could be Marvel characters Edward Garner and Curtis Jackson a.k.a.

Power Broker. In the comics, Edward Garner is an owner of a professional wrestling organization that hires and recruits enhanced superpowered beings such as D-Man, Screaming Mimi, and Sharon Ventura. This could also be exploited throughout the show and Jessica might be involved with the promotion.

As for Curtis Jackson, he has the ability to give everyone powers and has worked with Dr.

Malus, which means IGH is responsible for his abilities in the third season.

What to expect in season 3?

Since Power Broker and Edward Garner are teased in the show, it seems that Jessica will take on cases that involve people exploiting the superpowered individuals for profit. This could also factor in Jessica's acceptance as a hero whether she admits it or not.

Other supportive characters such as Trish Walker, Malcolm Ducasse, and Jeri Hogarth will have their own arcs as well. Trish will develop powers and become a vigilante Hellcat. Malcolm could be a potential business rival of Jessica since he now works as a professional private investigator at Pryce Cheng. Jeri will open her own firm after blackmailing her former partners and is deadset on being dominant in her profession.