The latest updates and spoilers for "Luke Cage" Season 2 reveal the first full-length trailer for the Marvel TV series. Netflix streamed the video online as the hero of Harlem faces a new challenge in the form of Bushmaster. Characters such as Black Mariah, Shades, Clair Temple, and Misty Knight return to the series as this new threat may endanger everyone within the city.

The series's main star Mike Colter gives his opinion on whether season 2 will give birth to the "Heroes for Hire" spin-off after Danny Rand a.k.a. Iron Fist has cited in the Netflix series.

The two met in "The Defenders" crossover and it seems that their friendship could lead to something greater for the fans.

Luke Cage vs Bushmaster

"Luke Cage" season 2 takes place after the events of "The Defenders" as Luke basks in his glory being Harlem's number one local superhero. Luke has been busy stopping crime wherever he goes as he helps the police round up gangsters and drug dealers on the streets. This made him feel unstoppable and the people of Harlem become safe until a new threat shows up.

The trailer sees the first live-action appearance of Bushmaster as he confronted and took down Luke singlehandedly without any effort. This led to Luke feeling vulnerable and outmatched, as everyone is questioning whether he can protect them from him.

Bushmaster is revealed to have the same powers as the Luke such as super strength and bulletproof skin. Helping the hero of Harlem is Misty Knight who now sports a cybernetic prosthetic arm after Bokudo cut it off during the crossover series. Black Mariah and Shades also return to the show, but whether they are teaming-up with Bushmaster or taking him down is still a mystery.

'Heroes for Hire' status

Mike Colter shared his thoughts about having a "Heroes for Hire" spin-off after seeing photos of Danny Rand and Luke Cage together in season 2. Colter told Empire's Pilot TV (via ComicBook) that he likes the concept of it, but he is not completely sold with the idea simply because the stakes for it are not as high as when they are doing individual character plots.

"It's nice to see your favorites play together," Colter said. "But the stakes to the game are not as high as when they play their own individual teams."

Both characters first met in "The Defenders" and they have joined Daredevil and Jessica Jones stop the Hand from taking over New York. At first, the two did not get along but found equal ground in fighting the Hand. It is unknown why Danny is visiting Luke in season 2, but he might play an interesting part in the coming plot of season 2.