Molly Roloff, the camera-shy daughter of "Little People, Big World" stars Matt and Amy, got married at the family farm last year. Fans of the long-running reality show have seen a few photos of the wedding ceremony - which is nothing short of gorgeous - but most details were kept private.

Luckily for "LPBW" fans, they can now get a closer peek into Molly's wedding. Audrey Roloff just shared her sister-in-law's vows on her marriage blog, and it is totally sweet and thoughtful!

Molly and husband Joel featured on Beating 50 Percent

Molly married her long-time boyfriend Joel Silvius in a beautiful outdoor wedding held at the Roloff Farms.

Matt Roloff proudly walked his only daughter down the aisle while she carried a bouquet of flowers mom Amy picked herself.

It was a special and sweet occasion for the "Little People, Big World" family. And reading Molly and Joel's vows now, it seems that they had all their guests reaching for tissues!

"Joel, I vow to seek your good before my own, and to love you without reserve," Molly's vow begins. " I vow to believe the best is yet to come, regardless of how good or bad things are today."

The 24-year-old Roloff daughter went on to promise her groom that she will "respect, submit, and pray for him" every day. Her husband's vow is equally tender and poignant. Joel promised to love Molly with a "selfless" kind of love and make her his priority.

"I vow to be gentle and not stifle your spirit but to love and encourage the woman that God is creating you to be," Joel told his bride. You may read the entire wedding vows on Audrey Roloff's blog at Beating50Percent.

Molly's wedding not featured on 'Little People, Big World'

The entire Roloff Family was in attendance during Molly's big day, so fans of the family's reality show were excited at the possibility of seeing all of them together again on TV.

After all, it has been a while since Matt and Amy's all four children appeared in the family-oriented reality show.

Molly hasn't been seen in the show since she left home to pursue her college education in Spokane, Washington. Jacob, their youngest sibling, also left the show upon turning 18. Currently, only Zach and Jeremy Roloff appear on "Little People, Big World," together with their wives Tori and Audrey and babies Jackson and Ember.

Unfortunately for fans, it seems that Molly's wedding will not be featured on the show. The current season has already aired baby Ember's birth, which happened one month after Molly got married. Still, fans are clinging onto the hope that they will get to see a big "LPBW" family reunion in one of the upcoming episodes.

"Little People, Big World" airs on TLC every Tuesday at 9 PM.