Even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed a bit stunned over the very animated sermon that came roaring down from the altar via Bishop Curry. The American bishop delivered one stunning sermon for the royal couple.

Bishop Curry's presentation at the royal wedding has been compared to Whoopi Goldberg in "Sister Act," as he spewed forth words while stretching his arms wide open as if he was calling up to the heavens. The fluctuation in his voice put emphasis on almost every word he said about the love of Meghan and Harry bringing them to the altar for this wedding.

Upper class stunned but came around nicely

The good Bishop Curry's sermon was critiqued around the globe with many offering him praise for bringing some good old American preaching into the staunch halls of England. According to some reports today (May 20), the upper-class British set was not quite ready for this sermon, which is basically the polar opposite of how those old cathedrals hold their traditional services.

'Amen' on the way out of the church

The church services finished off nicely with the choir belting out a few courses of "Amen." This tune was broadcast outside of the church and echoed through the land for all to hear, as Prince Harry carted off his new wife Meghan in a horse-drawn carriage.

It was a day of words and songs that don't traditionally ring through the old English churches. When Bishop Curry started to get into his sermon with even more animation, you could see by the look of the wedding guests' faces that this was not at all what they expected, suggested the Express.

Smirks and giggles fought off

No matter how hard some folks tried, a smirk surfaced while listening to the preacher, with some guests even attempting to hold back their laughter.

Prince Harry and Meghan had a tough time hiding that they were ready to crack a smile and as one Twitter user suggested, it looked as though they were thinking, "please make this stop."

Cultures do a little clashing

It is not that people didn't take Curry's message to heart, it was a solid sermon preaching only good things, but this is England in a church that was erected centuries ago.

They do things with a lot of old tradition in mind and Bishop Curry brought his own American traditions to England, which stunned a few folks.

Then there were some that couldn't hide their disappointment when the preacher started his sermon, but the overall consensus is people loved this man. As The Express suggests, Curry became an overnight sensation across the globe.

A puzzled Queen looked on

The Express also notes the Queen looked to be in a state of sheer puzzlement over the sermon and Prince William's "face was crumpled in a fit of giggles." William sat next to his dad, Prince Charles, who was also seen looking down trying to hide that giggle about ready to erupt.

The reactions to the preacher's 14-minute sermon were easy to spot among the faces as the camera panned the church while the Bishop went on about Meghan and Prince Harry's love. You have to check out the video below to see the best reactions to the sermon among the members of the royal family, described as "side-splitting funny."