Singer Demi Lovato sat down for an interview with Billboard magazine recently and she revealed some gossip that has the internet on fire. Demi attended the 2016 Met Gala, which is a huge star-studded fundraising event in New York City that benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. She and rapper NIcki Minaj accompanied fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, who designed both of their dresses.

Substance abuse issues in the past

Demi has always been very vocal about her past substance abuse struggles and has been sober for six years, but that was about to change at the Met Gala had Demi not taken action.

Demi remembers a bad experience she had with a mean girl celebrity that was so rude to her that her sobriety was threatened.

She recalls the encounter as "uncomfortable" miserable and that she "wanted to drink" after the awkward meeting. So what did Demi do to make sure that she didn't pick up a drink? She did the right thing by contacting her manager, who then rushed her off to a late Alcohol Anonymous meeting. Demi says she quickly changed her clothes but still wore her million dollar jewels to the meeting and admits no one in the meeting seemed to care about her status as a celebrity.

She revealed that she felt more comfortable being around the homeless people in the meeting than any of the "fake" people at the Met Gala.

Of course, revealing this information sent the internet into a frenzy with everyone wondering who the mean celebrity was.

Rumors about the rude celebrity

In true internet fashion, people began their investigations. The most speculated celeb being the mean girl is allegedly, none other than rapper Nicki Minaj. Why Nicki? Well, there was that famous picture of Nicki, posing with Jeremy and giving Demi major side eye.

Nicki posted the picture on her Instagram and tagged Jeremy but didn't bother to tag Demi. So of course, the internet headed over to Demi's Instagram and told her about the snub, and Demi responded under Nicki's picture with a little snark of her own. She posted a laughing face, thumbs up, and peace sign emojis. Nicki never responded back.

Demi later came back and said that the picture and the shade thrown her way gave her "life" and she took it all as a joke.

This rumor seems believable considering Demi is good friends with Nicki's arch nemesis, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Nicki and Iggy's feud goes back years when Iggy first came on the music scene. Nicki being the lone female rapper making hits, wasn't too happy about Iggy stealing some of her thunder.

As far as any other rumored names being thrown around about the mean girl celeb, no one is alleging anyone else but Nicki. The photographic evidence seems to point to her but no one knows for sure and Nicki hasn't addressed the rumors -- and it's doubtful she will. Fans are just happy that Demi didn't let the rude celeb encounter break her sobriety streak, and that she was able to seek the help she needed. She also stated that she will never attend the Met Gala again.