kelly dodd reportedly got fined by Bravo after leaking scoops from the upcoming season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Over the past few days, Dodd has been on Twitter defending herself and retweeting messages of support from fans following an interview she did on "Jeff Lewis Live." Her May 4 interview on Jeff's Sirius XM radio show went a bit too far in the eyes of Bravo.

'RHOC' star crossed the line?

Reality Blurb recapped several quotes made by Lewis on May 11 amid the fallout. To give a little background on the situation, Kelly Dodd called Vicki Gunvalson a "backstabbing b*tch," dished that two new housewives joined the show, and teased what fans can expect in season 13.

Dodd is unhappy about Vicki and her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, setting up her ex-husband with his new girlfriend. The issue stems from Vicki not being upfront about her role in the setup and not being straightforward about it, Kelly explained. She felt lied to by someone she trusted.

According to a tweet by Kelly, Vicki and Steve were the ones to spill the beans on storylines set for the upcoming season when they went to Page Six. Dodd insists it wasn't her that spoiled any details about "rhoc."

Lewis admitted that the interview he did with the "RHOC" star didn't go over well with Bravo.

They were unhappy she talked about the new season and fined her for talking badly about Vicki. He summed up the outcome as housewives who say anything derogatory or negative about fellow cast members face being "reprimanded by Bravo and subsequently fined." Lewis didn't know the specifics, but Bravo took what Kelly did as a serious offense.

Talk show host shares his experience

Jeff Lewis noted in his response that Vicki got her attorney involved last year when he criticized her on his radio show last August. Although Jeff issued an apology to her via text, Vicki went further by contacting her lawyer, which resulted in demanding a public apology. Lewis suspects Gunvalson was the one who turned in Tamra after slamming her for spreading rumors about Eddie Judge being gay; Tamra reportedly was fined for that interview by Bravo.

Lewis believes Gunvalson is responsible for turning in Kelly.

When it comes to Jeff's radio show, it's being reported that Bravo has banned him from interviewing housewives unless their shows are airing. He wonders if he'll be able to talk to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, Kyle Richards, in a few weeks since the show's latest season just wrapped last week.

Epic drama awaits

The show has a lot of drama behind-the-scenes and on social media right now. A few months remain until season 13 of "RHOC" kicks off, but it's getting an early start!

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 13 premieres this summer on Bravo.