Jeremy Calvert and Jenelle Evans were involved in a mega-feud on Twitter, earlier this week, after Calvert weighed in on the recent road rage dispute she was involved in.

After the "Teen Mom 2" star and mother of three was accused of pulling a weapon on a man during a heated encounter on a North Carolina road, Calvert took to his Twitter page and seemingly suggested that MTV should take action against Evans for resorting to such extremes. Right away, Evans took to her Twitter page to fight back against Leah Messer's former husband and pointed out that he had refused to participate in a background check.

As she told her fans and followers, Calvert allegedly didn't want to do a background check for all his guns but in order for her to obtain her own weapon, she had a "full background check."

"I’m legally allowed to have mine, but are you?" Evans asked Calvert.

Jeremy Calvert fires back at his controversial co-star

After seeing what Jenelle Evans had to say, Jeremy Calvert labeled her irrelevant and said that no one he is associated with cares about how or what she has to say. "No need to put your two [cents] into anything that has to [do] with me or my life," he wrote, adding that she's making herself look silly because no one actually cares about her opinion.

He then confirmed that he did have a background check done when he purchased his guns.

"You dumb b***h," he continued, "MTV wanted me to have [another] one done [because] I own guns and because of you two dumb f**ks." As "Teen Mom 2" fans well know, Evans and her husband, David Eason, have been causing tons of drama for MTV by continuing to share a photo of themselves holding guns, and allowing their children to hold what fans assume are fake rifles.

Jeremy Calvert claims Jenelle Evans lays on her back for a living

As Calvert's rant against his "Teen Mom 2" star continued, he encouraged Evans to "get a job instead of laying on [her] back," likely referencing the ongoing claims of stars receiving bonuses each time they welcome additional children. He then said that unlike Evans, he doesn't need MTV and their money because he has a job outside of the reality show.

To see more of Jenelle Evans, Jeremy Calvert, their families, and her co-stars, including Briana DeJesus, Jo Rivera, Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, Corey Simms, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Cole DeBoer, don't miss Monday night's premiere of "Teen Mom 2" season 8 at 9 PM on MTV.