"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans has been accused of engaging in an online feud with her husband David Eason's sister (Jessica) using a fake account -- according to In Touch. The bitter social media feud between Jenelle and Jessica has surpassed getting ugly and moved straight into brutal status.

Where Jenelle Evans goes, drama follows

Here is what we know so far about the feud. Jessica Eason posted on her Instagram account, calling out Evans for using a fake account to spread lies about her.

Jessica told Jenelle via social media that she sees the lies she has been posting about her, and that she was not fooled by Jenelle's use of a fake alias, Jessica Jones.

She went on to state that she knows Jenelle is doing everything she can to try and hurt her and then asked why she is so "obsessed." She then told her sister-in-law that if she doesn't want her to retaliate she had better back off.

David Eason defends Jenelle Evans in family fight

This is where David Eason came in to defend his wife. He told his sister that if Jenelle had any interest in bashing her she would not go to the trouble of creating a fake page to do so, she would just say it on hers. David then got very nasty with his sister, telling her that since she was just arrested a few days ago for taking Adderall that was not prescribed to her, she is probably being paranoid and should just focus on getting her five kids back.

Things got even messier for the Eason family from here, as David continued his rant, telling Jessica that everyone is sick of her having to sleep on people's couches and "dirtying up" their homes. Jessica Eason retaliated, calling Jenelle out and telling her that she would like to meet up with her and talk this out in person, if she could "put the heroin down for 20 minutes."

She continued to slam Jenelle, adding that she was always claiming how she didn't feel well and couldn't take care of her kids, adding that that is called "withdrawal." David's sister then outed Jenelle Evans as a bad mom, claiming she only has her kids for MTV money, and that she showed up at her house with Ensley one day, appearing to be out-of-her-mind high, and left Ensley sleeping in the hot car!

It's not really known what started this massive family feud at this time, but it's certainly an ugly one! However, it is more than obvious that these two women really hate each other. This has to be placing a major strain on the entire family.

To add to the drama, it has been reported that Jenelle is back on "thin ice" with MTV and her job is once again in jeopardy after bailing on the "Teen Mom 2" reunion last weekend in New York.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' latest drama with David's sister Jessica Eason?