Chelsea Houska appeared on an episode of Kailyn Lowry's podcast, "Coffee and Convos," this week, and during her appearance, she dished on her custody drama with Adam Lind. According to a report shared by The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Houska opened up to Lowry about Lind's lack of involvement with her daughter and confirmed that while he is allowed to see the child at a visitation center, he has not yet set up a schedule.

“He has to set it up, which he doesn’t,” she explained. Houska then added that Lind is allowed to see Aubree during lunch at her school, which he did just once.

As fans of "Teen Mom 2" may recall, Houska's former boyfriend posted a photo of himself and Aubree at her school earlier this month and fans immediately alerted Houska about the photo on Twitter. A short time later, Houska revealed that Lind likely posted the photo on his Snapchat account in order to shows fans and followers that he was seeing his child.

“[Cole DeBoer] has gone and surprised her with lunch, without me even," Chelsea Houska noted. "He doesn’t post it because he has nothing to prove,” she explained. DeBoer has been a big part of Aubree's life ever since he began dating Houska years ago.

What is Chelsea Houska telling Aubree about her father?

After adding her most recent court date with Lind, Houska sat down with Aubree and explained to her that her dad is "sick right now" and no longer allowed to see her outside a visitation center.

She also told Aubree that she would be continuing to spend time with her grandparents on her dad's side as she had in the past. As for how Aubree handled the news, Houska said her daughter adapts well.

“[Aubree] tells me that she doesn’t really think about [Adam]. It’s not like [he] has ever been really consistent [in her life],” she explained to Lowry.

Will Cole DeBoer adopt Aubree?

Although Adam Lind would have to agree, Chelsea Houska said that her husband would love to adopt her oldest child as his own and officially welcome her into their growing family. “In a heartbeat, [he] would [adopt Aubree],” she said.

Houska and DeBoer are expecting their second child, a baby girl, later this year.

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