James Kennedy and Jax Taylor have had an up and down relationship on "Vanderpump Rules." However, as fans saw throughout the series' sixth season, they seemed to form a friendship. Although they did have a couple of disputes, they were able to tolerate one another much more than they had been in past years.

During a new interview, Kennedy admitted that he and Taylor were "kind of like frenemies this year."

James and Jax are 'great' at the moment

"Right now we're great," James Kennedy said while appearing on the E! Network's "Daily Pop" talk show.

"Right now me and [Jax Taylor] are good," he continued. "He just like gifted me some Supreme underwear the other day, so I was like, Thanks, thanks. Just out of the blue. So yeah, thanks Jax."

In the past, Kennedy has felt as if he couldn't trust Taylor. But now, as they enjoy a tentative friendship, they are in a much better place and Kennedy feels like he can trust his "Vanderpump Rules" co-star. "You know, lately, yeah. He's been a lot better. I know he's had a bit of a bumpy past but lately, I can trust him right now," he explained.

Will Jax Taylor cheat again?

During an early episode of "Vanderpump Rules" season six, it was revealed that Jax Taylor had cheated on his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, after two years of dating with a former SUR Restaurant employee Faith Stowers.

Regarding whether or not he felt Taylor would cheat again, Kennedy said, "I can't answer that."

"Who knows, honestly, who knows? I hope not, but who knows? You never know with Jax, honestly. You never know with Jax," he continued.

James Kennedy accused of cheating during season 6

"It was honestly heartbreaking," Kennedy said of being accused of cheating on girlfriend Raquel Leviss with ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute.

"I was very upset in Mexico at the time. You know, I started crying at Catch for gosh's sake. It was too much to handle but then watching it back I was kind of relieved because then everyone got to see that I was telling the truth," he noted.

"It's hard always," James Kennedy continued. "There's one thing about Vanderpump Rules I must say.

It's very true. Everything that happens is so just - real - so when someone is accusing someone of something, that is happening in real time. It's hard for Raquel, obviously, but everyone in relationships on this show goes through hard times and good times. So it's just about sticking it through and seeing where it goes I guess."