Did faith Stowers steal a car from jax taylor? According to a new report, Stowers was accused of such by stassi schroeder and is now suing her for the false claims. During an appearance on Keven Undergaro's "The Tomorrow Show" podcast, Stowers explained to Undergaro that she wasn't able to talk much about Schroeder and Taylor because she is currently launching a lawsuit against Schroeder.

During the interview, Faith Stowers explained that her former "Vanderpump Rules" co-star had been saying "evil" things about her that have been completely outlandish.

Among her allegations? Schroeder claims Stowers actually stole a car from Taylor. Stowers even revealed that the "Vanderpump Rules" cast called police and labeled her as the suspect in the robbery.

When was Jax Taylor's vehicle stolen?

The alleged car theft happened on the night of Scheana Marie's birthday party, which was the scene in which Stowers first admitted to hooking up with Taylor behind the back of his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. According to Stowers, Jax Taylor's vehicle turned up missing later that night and she was blamed for the vehicle going missing.

Perez Hilton shared details of Faith Stowers' conversation with Undergaro on April 26.

Apparently, the suspect in the alleged carjacking was described as "a black woman who looks nothing like" Faith.

Still, Schroeder was convinced that it was Stowers who took the vehicle. As for the actual suspect, Stowers said the woman described is currently at large after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pricey watches and allegedly giving people drugs at nightclubs.

Faith Stowers went on to reveal that Stassi Schroeder reportedly went as far as to call the cops and tell them it was she who committed the crimes and even gave them her location.

That said, Stowers haven't taken the issue to be a racist attack by Schroeder.

Stassi Schroeder is being represented by Lisa Vanderpump's lawyers

As she proceeds with her lawsuit against Schroeder, Faith Stowers said that all she wants from her fellow reality star is for her to "retract the statements" she made. As for the financial aspect of her lawsuit, Stowers said sh doesn't care to get any monetary damages from Schroeder.

Surprisingly, Stassi Schroeder has already enlisted the help of her own team of attorneys and is currently being represented by Lisa Vanderpump's lawyers.