Gordon Ramsay is inarguably the most successful chef on food television right now. Already a host on three popular shows on Fox, "MasterChef," "MasterChef Junior," and "Hell's Kitchen," Ramsay's fourth show on the channel will premiere on June 13, 2018. His latest on Fox, "24 Hours to Hell and Back" will have the foul-mouthed chef helping failing restaurants discover success. It's a similar concept to his popular show "Kitchen Nightmares" but with a twist: he'll only have one day to help restaurant owners turn things around.

The show will have nasty surprises for viewers

Fox recently shared a sneak peek of the first season of "24 Hours to Hell and Back" on YouTube. The video gives an idea of what is to come on Gordon Ramsay's newest show. The clip offers a glimpse of several episodes, with scenes of Ramsay in a bearded disguise and restaurant patrons spitting out food. There are also clips of a dead mouse in a toaster and Ramsay finding food so old and rotten that the cameraman almost throws up.

In comparison to the inside of the failing restaurant, Chef Ramsay has his "Hell On Wheels" truck parked on the street outside. The chef boasts the truck's superior equipment, a "state of the art, high tech, professional kitchen," which is being run by a staff of professional chefs.

The large truck also has a giant digital screen that counts down the 24 hours that Ramsay has to save the restaurant in need.

Gordon Ramsay has some tips for restaurant patrons

Thanks to his television gigs, Chef Ramsay has eaten at more subpar restaurants than anyone else in the world. If there had to be a certified expert on bad restaurants, he would be the guy.

Fox News recently reported at the 12th annual Vegas Uncork'd event in Las Vegas, where they spoke with Gordon Ramsay. The celebrity chef shared some tips on how to tell if you are about to eat in a bad restaurant.

“One thing that always alarms me is when you walk into a restaurant and you get a table immediately,” Ramsay told the Fox News correspondent.

"If you can walk in off the street and there are tables available, there’s something not quite right about that restaurant.”

Gordon Ramsay also warns against restaurants with too many menu specials to offer. "27 specials, why is it special?" the chef asked. "You need one or two specials." His final indicator of a bad restaurant: soups of the day. Ramsay claims that when asked, waiters will usually reveal that that day's soup of the day was the same soup they offered diners the day before.