"masterchef junior," a reality TV cooking show where children between the ages of 8 – 13 showcase their culinary abilities, is now in its sixth season and stronger than ever. Michelin star chef, Gordon Ramsey along with pastry chef Christina Tosi and restaurateur Joe Bastianich, returning as a permanent judge, host the show. Selected children compete through mystery box challenges, team assignments and much more as the hosts give them advisement and guidance. But there are no free passes given simply because the contestants are children. Oh no, these young cooks are held to the same standards as adults, though they will likely surpass your expectations as they wow the judges and audience with their culinary abilities, demonstrating that maturity and skill are not about age.

Five reasons the reality show 'MasterChef Junior' is good for your soul

1. These children show how to be winners and losers. If you happen to catch a glance at one of the many reality shows on TV, such as "The Bachelorette," chances are you’ve seen the human species at some of their worst moments. Eye candy and shallowness can often be the name of the game, but that is not the case with "MasterChef Junior" In this reality competition, children cooks between ages 8-13 demonstrate the right way to win or lose. The winners are happy for their accomplishments but show a deep consideration for the losers. There are always group hugs, and tears shed when it comes time to send those who have not made it to the next round home, unlike the adult shows were leering, and snickering is the standard situation.

2. Their accomplishments will help one see their own potential. The abilities these young chefs have can easily blow your mind as they prepare and present dishes many can’t dream of creating. But while cooking may not be your forte, these young rising stars can help an audience see what is possible within themselves, at any age, with passion and a hard work ethic.

It’s endearing and instructing to see a young chef give him or herself a pep talk after making a mistake rather than try the blame game. The level of self-consciousness these children exhibit can teach adults a thing or two about it.

3. The way they communicate to one another will warm your heart. Sure, these child cooks are just starting out in life and haven’t had a chance yet to see how unfair the universe can be but perhaps because of that, they have an honesty in the way they communicate that will remind adults what it means to be truthful.

When they have problems with one another, they say it and explain why. When they feel something, they say it and deal. Their level of caring how they are perceived is next to nil as they are driven by their love of cooking and most of the time, family.

4. Their lack of judgment of others is downright amazing. When the children chefs are given an assignment, their focus is doing their best job and not whether their neighbor is failing. In fact, during the adult cooking shows, it’s typical to see contestants not help one another. But watch this children cooking competition, and you’ll likely see the kids open to helping one another much more. One example is when a young cook gave another cook a forgotten ingredient while on the adult show, the contestants would often do otherwise.

Their judgment largely remains on themselves, rather than others.

5. They appreciate the opportunity to be on "MasterChef Junior." It’s in their every move and comment that these children know the opportunity they have earned is not something to be taken likely but rather used to showcase their best abilities and make the most of it. While adult contestants can often bring along a lot of baggage with them and have a sense of entitlement, these children cooks are grateful to be there, and they show it.

Check it out! "MasterChef Junior" airs on Fox, Fridays at 8 pm.