Famous television star, chef, and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay will take on his hardest challenge yet in his illustrious career. He will compete in a special episode of "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator."

A 'Master Chef' in South Korea's 'Hell's Kitchen'

Earlier reports by Korean news and entertainment outlets of Gordon Ramsay's appearance on the popular Korean variety show was confirmed by its network JTBC. According to their press release, Ramsay participated in the November 18th recording of the show as a special guest chef. He will participate in the show's challenge of going one-on-one against another chef in creating a culinary masterpiece in 15 minutes using only ingredients found in a refrigerator of a celebrity, primarily a Hallyu star.

In the episode Ramsay will appear on, baseball players Oh Seung Hwan and Hong Sung Heon will have their refrigerators featured.

Lee Chang Woo, the producing director (PD) of the Korean variety show, revealed even more details about Gordon Ramsay's appearance including the fact that Ramsay himself personally wanted to compete in the show's challenge. He said, "For the most skilled people in a specific industry to compete and cook for 15 minutes is a difficult thing, but Chef Gordon Ramsay readily agreed to appear as he was very interested in the format of our show."

Ramsay has a history of loving and respecting Asian cuisine

If we were to look at Gordon Ramsay's appearance on "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator" with business in mind, he would be doing so to promote Korean beer brand Cass.

He was recently named its brand spokesperson. However, Ramsay has a history of loving and respecting Asian cuisine.

Back around 2010 to 2011, Gordon Ramsay had a special television series known as "Gordon Ramsay's Escape." In it, he went many foreign countries to try out and learn how to cook their cuisine. What is amazing about the show is that it shows more of his true personality and attitude towards food and other chefs, not the hothead persona he plays on "Kitchen Nightmares" or "Hell's Kitchen."

Through the series, Gordon Ramsay travels many Asian countries and eats and learns to cook the cuisine in Cambodia, China, Japan, Malaysia, and others.

He humbles himself around the masters of their craft as he understands he is the "novice" this time around. By doing so, he becomes an even better and more respectable chef.

Understanding Gordon Ramsay's thirst to learn other cultures' cuisine might bring some surprises when his episode of "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator" airs.

We might just see him preparing traditional Korean dishes. It is already known he knows how to make Korean barbeque, but maybe we'll see him make other traditional Korean dishes such as rice or noodle dishes. Perhaps we might get a Korean version of bangers and mash or spotted d*** (yes that is a real dish in England and it is not what most people think) for all we know.

The special episode of "Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator" featuring Gordon Ramsay will air sometime the first week of December. For American audiences, it can be viewed exclusively on OnDemandKorea.