Evidently together again after having a rather public breakup in the middle of March, supermodel Gigi Hadid (23), and singer Zayn Malik (25) were seen kissing in New York City. The sighting occurred barely a month after their very public breakup. Zayn Malik mentioned that he loved Gigi Hadid, even though it was rumored that he was cheating on Gigi Hadid with Kendall Jenner. [VIDEO] With this shared kiss, it appears the two may very well get back together.

The breakup

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had been together for two years before announcing their breakup on March 13.

Zayn Malik mentioned that he had a great deal of respect for Hadid and that they had a loving and fun relationship together. According to the Daily Mail, Zayn Malik said that he loved Gigi Hadid and that he was “aspiring to be in love with someone” for the rest of his life, “and the rest of theirs, as we all do." It was obvious that he hoped their relationship lasted longer, if not forever. Gigi Hadid mentioned that breakup statements seem impersonal because there is no way to put the relationship's experiences into words, especially after two years.

According to US Magazine, Zayn Malik pointed out that "things change, and we have to move forward in life." This statement seems kind of sad as if he really did not want to break up with Gigi Hadid.

With this statement, it is unsurprising that they decided to kiss right in public. Even if they thought they were alone, it is impossible for them to be alone in the middle of Manhatten on a busy street, in the middle of the day.

The loving kiss

Gigi Hadid held a Starbucks cup and a purse with her first name on it as Zayn Malik kissed her.

At first, it was thought that they believed they were alone during the kiss. The thing is, they were in the middle of the street, in broad daylight. There is no way they could believe they were alone during the rather passionate kiss. It was obvious that Zayn Malik was the one who started the kiss, with Gigi Hadid seemingly excited, yet shy.

The couple was later seen walking close to each other, but not holding hands. Have the two decided to rekindle their relationship? How will their fans react? Will the fans be pleased or angry? Only time will tell, especially if they decide to announce their relationship publicly, just like they had announced their breakup. Hopefully, they will stay together this time, instead of breaking up after two years once more. Malik will protect Hadid rather sweetly.