Former One Direction member Zayn Malik reportedly expressed his disappointment over his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards, allegedly telling her to get Gigi Hadid out of the picture. According to a report on Hollywood Life, Malik is “not happy” about the recent actions of Little Mix member Perrie Edwards, whom the English-Pakistani singer broke up with last year. The report said that he does not want Edwards to drag Hadid into the scene.

Hadid is currently the girlfriend of Malik. They reportedly started dating more than a year ago. Hollywood Life quoted an insider saying that there is no point living in the past and adding more to the drama.

The insider pointed out that Edwards should just come at Malik if she wanted to say something. Hadid should be spared of Edwards backlashing.

Little Mix concert

This alleged reaction of Malik is in reference to a recent Little Mix concert which Edwards participated in. E! Online reported that the girl band member “threw some shade” at Malik and Hadid during her concert in New Zealand last weekend. As fans may well know, Little Mix sang a song titled “Shout Out To My Ex,” allegedly pertaining to the breakup of Malik and Edwards. The song had the original lyrics that read, “I hope she gettin’ better sex, hope she ain’t faking it like I did, babe.”

During the concert, E! Online reported that fan heard Edwards deliberately changed the lyrics to, “Hope she ain’t faking it like Hadid.” This apparently caused Malik to respond.

Edwards has not yet made any public comments on the concert remark, as of press time.

The break-up

Back in 2015, Malik broke up with the Little Mix singer. In a report on Mail Online, Edwards made a confession that she felt she had nowhere to go after the break-up. She once reportedly lived with Malik in North London during the time they were together.

Edwards revealed to Mail Online that she felt stressed and had no idea what to do. She went homeless and said she cried every day.

With her recent actions during the New Zealand concert, it appears that Edwards has not yet completely moved on. Mail Online reported that the relationship went on for four years before Malik and Edwards got engaged for two years.

The two reportedly met in the eighth season of “X Factor” and started dating thereafter. The relationship started in 2012 and went on until 2015. Malik is now dating his new girlfriend, Hadid. Stay tuned for more information about Malik and how his relationship with his new girlfriend turns out