"General Hospital" spoilers tease that creepy Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) isn't done with Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) quite yet. Although it seems like he took no for an answer, this edgy storyline is far from over. The latest "GH" spoilers and rumors hint that the ABC soap is taking this #MeToo and #TimesUp story to the next level soon. Before things are said and done, fans should expect there to be a very Cosby-Weinstein twist as Bensch does the unthinkable and violates the young woman he promised to mentor.

Bensch's jealousy flares

Some new "General Hospital" spoilers promise that if it was just Kiki saying no to Bensch, the creepy doc might back off and leave her alone.

But Kiki's interaction with former priest Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) is sticking in Bensch's craw. He doesn't know that Griffin is dating her mom, Ava Jerome (Maura West), and that Griffin and Kiki have a totally platonic relationship. Because Bensch is such a creepy critter, he likely assumes that Griffin is hanging around Kiki for the same reason -- and is bedding her.

Bensch glares daggers every time Griffin and Kiki chat and looked almost murderous the day that Griffin gave Kiki a comforting hug over the Avery kidnapping ordeal. All Bensch sees is smiling interaction between Griffin and Kiki, plus physical affection, and he assumes the worst of Kiki. "General Hospital" spoilers promise that in Bensch's twisted mind, Kiki is exhibiting skanky behavior with Griffin.

Bensch will soon think that she's teasing him and will decide to act out his fantasies in the worst way.

Kiki drugged and violated

"GH" fans know that Kiki would never willingly sleep with Bensch, but the guy won't stop.

He told Kiki she was giving him "signals" that she was interested when she clearly was not. "GH" spoilers say Bensch thinks Kiki just needs to cut loose and then she'll learn to like him. That's how he justifies what he does next -- drugging her. In a recent interview with ABC Soaps in Depth, James DePaiva said that Bensch has a "sadness and loneliness to him" but admits the character "could be Hannibal Lecter for all I know!"

While not quite a serial killer, the latest "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Bensch takes a dark turn when he decides to loosen Kiki up -- which is exactly the rationale Bill Cosby used when he drugged women.

This story also brings to mind the horrifying allegations against Harvey Weinstein, who used his professional power to coerce women into sex -- and if that didn't work, he allegedly attacked them. So far, Kiki has been strong, pushing back against Bensch. But when he takes her power to say "no" away by drugging her, everything changes.

"GH" fans should expect this horrible twist in Kiki's story soon, likely during May sweeps. Kiki will fight back so if Bensch thinks he'll get away with drugging and violating Kiki against her will, he should think again.

Kiki will prove to be a strong example and hit the guy where he hurts. This dastardly move by Bensch should be the beginning of the end for the dirty doc and an exit story for James DePaiva. These "General Hospital" spoilers should start playing out soon.