Netflix previously announced that they are planning more than 1,000 different original shows. This decision comes as the streaming service continues to rise in popularity, and continues to work toward buying different studios to help their growth. These are the top 10 shows that are currently in the works at Netflix.

10. 'Fast & Furious' animated series

Netflix and Dreamworks animation is teaming up to bring you an animated series based on the “Fast and Furious” films. However, this time around the main character is Tony Toretto, who is the cousin of the film series’ main character, Dom Toretto.

Tony and his friends end up being recruited by a government agency to infiltrate a racing league that is a front for a criminal organization, working toward world domination.

9. 'Lost in Space' season 2

Netflix has finally confirmed a second season for the rebooted “Lost in Space.” The debut season ended on a major cliffhanger, which hinted that the producers may be working on creating a second season. Series co-creators Burk Sharplass and Matt Sazama previously announced that they were ironing out a script and hoping to be given the green light soon.

8. 'Orange is the New Black' season 6

In 2017, Netflix announced the renewal of “Orange is the New Black,” for three additional seasons. Netflix has said that "OITNB" has become their most-watched original series.

7. 'Glow' season 2

Netflix is bringing back the original cast and show executives of "Glow" for another season. Not much is known about the new season, but it will arrive in June.

6. 'Santa Clarita Diet' season 3

Santa Clarita Diet” has become a staple for Netflix. The zombie-based comedy featuring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant has gained much praise since its season 2 premiere.

Netflix is not known for canceling shows unless they are strongly unpopular. Netflix recently announced that season three has been approved and will consist of 10 episodes.

5. 'Narcos' season 4

Netflix is launching a fourth season for the hit show, but this time it appears to be a semi-reboot. The show will now star Michael Pena and Diego Luna.

Filming is currently being done in Mexico. No release date has been made public and the actors' roles have not been revealed.

4. George Clooney’s Watergate series

George Clooney is executive producing an eight episode series telling the story of the Watergate scandal. The show will run as a limited series, with the script being written by “Bridge of Spies” screenwriter Matt Charman.

3. 'House of Cards' spin-off

After the Kevin Spacey scandal, Netflix announced that “House of Cards” would be ending the series with season 6 in 2018. Variety recently reported that there are multiple ideas for a possible spin-off. One would involve President Underwood’s main ally, Doug Stamper.

2. 'Stranger Things' season 3

“Stranger Things” will be back for a third season. The show has become a cultural phenomenon. Not much is known about season 3, but expect it to have more unexplainable events and another dark storyline.

1. 'Mindhunter' season 2

Netflix is bringing back the criminal profilers with “Mindhunter,” for the second season. The second season was supposed to be filmed back-to-back with the debut season. However, show executives were stuck on crafting the right script. The original cast is set to return. Netflix has not said what the new season will be about, but based on season one, expect to see them focus on the BTK killer, which would result in a major time jump for the series.