In this week’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) and Naomi (Jenna Elfman) have more of a reunion after Dorie gets shot. Dorie is barely conscious, but he keeps repeating to Naomi that he got her message. He wants her to know he knew she loved him. Their reunion is once again broken up by the immediate gunfire that’s going on around them. Naomi tries to get medical supplies to save Dorie from bleeding out. She faces a furious Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), bent on revenge. When Alicia gets distracted, Naomi escapes to search Mel’s (Kevin Zegers) van for medical supplies.

Mel tries to drive off with medical supplies, but Naomi doesn’t give up. She runs after the van, but Alicia blows the van up with her big weapon.

Good or bad?

Alicia, Luciana (Danay Garcia), and Strand (Colman Domingo) are shooting at the Vultures. It makes it look like they’re the villains since they point and shoot any of them. We haven’t seen the whole backstory of how they got to be so relentless and murderous. It doesn't provide the audience a sense of victory watching these three go off on the Vultures.

Luciana faces Charlie

Amid the shooting and chaos, Luciana comes face to face with Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), the girl who murdered Nick (Frank Dillane).

Luciana seems shocked at what to do with the girl. What do you do when the enemy you face is a young kid? Especially a kid who says she’s sorry. Before Luciana figures out what to do, Charlie disappears and is later saved by Morgan (Lennie James).

Dark Alicia

Mel comes crawling out of the truck Alicia exploded with her weapon.

Alicia goes to him with hardly any emotion on her face and executes him with her long blade. It's a more sinister side of Alicia we haven't seen before. She doesn't seem to exhibit any compassion anymore. What is this new Alicia capable of doing?

Alicia's so hard and unemotional. The death of her brother doesn't help Alicia realize revenge only leads to more death.

Charlie is the one who killed her brother, so will she kill a young girl?

Charlie’s manipulation?

Charlie came to Madison (Kim Dickens) and her group to save her friend, Mel. Mel crashed his vehicle and was unconscious with a lung injury. Nick seems hesitant to trust Charlie. She is extremely skilled at manipulating people as we’ve seen before. He doesn't want Madison to bring Mel back with them. He tells Madison, "We can’t keep doing this.”

He doesn't want to trust the wrong person again. However, Madison is confident they can handle whatever happens. How could Madison risk their whole group to save one man?

Ennis’ plan

Mel warns Madison about his brother’s plans to take the stadium down. Mel didn’t want to leave without Charlie, because he knows his brother is going to try to bring the stadium down. Madison forces him to leave because she wants to believe they can defend their home.

Madison is trying to establish this normal life for her kids that she doesn’t see the reoccurring pattern. It’s the ranch all over again. People are once again trying to take over a place that Madison and her people have established as their own. Madison is still too stubborn to realize when she doesn’t stand a chance.

Madison's indecision

The Vultures come into the parking lot with several trucks. Mel warned them Ennis (Evan Gamble) had zombies at his disposal to take them down.

Colman Domingo told TV Guide, "The way we justified it, they knew that there were families on the other side as well, they're people on the other side, so they were stuck, like 'what do we do?'"

However, Madison and her people waited too long to take any action. They stood and watched the Vultures open the doors to these trucks full of zombies. They were all frozen with indecision.

She should have told her kids to leave the parking lot when the zombies came stumbling out of the trucks. They had plenty of time and space to drive out of there. Instead, Nick and Alicia watch in horror as all the zombies huddle around their car.

The stadium

Althea (Maggie Grace) and their group bust into the stadium to find medical supplies to save Dorie. When the smoke clears, charred up zombies surround them. This could be the result of Ennis' plan to take the stadium down. Is Madison one of those zombies?