Hey, "Fear The Walking Dead" fans. We were able to get our hands on some short teaser spoilers for episode 3 of the current season. They sound pretty interesting, as we'll see Madison find out that she and Otto have experienced some very similar things in the past. Elsewhere, Alicia and Nick will be busy trying to fit in with some new people they've met. These storyline scoops come from AMC by way of TV Guide.

How they're going to fit in

To get things started, they gave this installment a very interesting title by naming it: "TEOTWAWKI." Their official plot summary starts out by telling us more about what Nick and Alicia will be doing.

It turns out that they'll be trying to find out how they're going to fit in to this new society that they have been dragged into. At some point, they're going to start hanging out with some new people.

Who will these new people be? Will Nick and Alicia have a positive or negative experience with these folks? Those are the big questions for this particular storyline. AMC's very vague description didn't give anything else away about it so we'll definitely have to wait until this one airs to see what happens with their situation. However, there is a possibility that we could catch some glimpses of these scenes in the new sneak peek clips that we expect AMC to release later on tonight after they get done airing episodes 1 and 2.

Two hours

That's right. They're airing both of those back-to-back tonight. So, get ready to watch a whopping two hours of the show instead of just one. You'll definitely want to look out for the new episode 3 sneak peek clips because the videos almost always reveal extra details that the written press release fails to mention.

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Not so different

Getting back to the press release, we've got a second and last storyline description to mention. They tell us that Madison will be very busy finding out new stuff about Otto. Apparently, she's going to discover that some things they have gone through in the past are not so different. In fact, they are going to basically mimic each other.

What does this mean moving forward? What will Madison do with the new intel she has stumbled upon? Hopefully we'll find that out in this episode but something tells me this situation might continue over the course of multiple episodes.

Alright, guys. That's all of the intel that we could round up for the 3rd episode at the moment. Again, be sure to look for those new episode 3 sneak peek clips right after the premiere of episodes 1 and 2 tonight. We can confirm that episode 3 is scheduled to air next Sunday night, June 11, 2017 at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.