If you haven't caught up to this week's episode of "Fear the Walking Dead," stop reading now. This review contains some spoilers. In this week's episode of "Fear the Walking Dead," Morgan (Lennie James) and Nick (Frank Dillane) bond over shared experiences and an inevitable tragedy occurs.

Althea’s truth

Althea (Maggie Grace) tells Strand (Colman Domingo) the stories she records might be the only thing that’s left. Strand is curious why she wants to know people's true stories. She says the truth matters and it should be heard. There’s got to be a story of her own that makes her so hopeful, yet obsessed with hearing people tell their truths.

Althea wouldn't leave her van when it's surrounded by walkers. She doesn't want to leave behind all the video stories she got from people. She believes in people telling their story.

Althea is someone still trying to be who she was before the apocalypse. It’s the only way for her to have a piece of herself from the past that keeps the old Althea alive. She doesn’t want to tell her own story, so maybe she has something to hide. Or maybe it's a way for her to stay connected to her humanity.

Nick's peace and Charlie's betrayal

Nick and Morgan were entertaining to watch together on "Fear The Walking Dead." Morgan demonstrates his unique fighting techniques on Nick. Their banter soon turns into something more.

Morgan recognizes a tortured soul in Nick like he has in himself. He tries to mentor Nick into a new way of life. Nick sees the blue El Camino and runs after it. Morgan's wounded leg prevents him from dealing with a murder-hazed Nick.

Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) is a little girl who betrayed Nick and Madison in the last episode.

She gave inside information on their group to the Vultures. Nick has a soft spot for her, but she shoots Nick because he killed Ennis (Evan Gamble). We still don’t know why Nick was so furious with Ennis enough to kill him. Nick might have wanted to save Charlie from Ennis. Ennis seemed to be using Charlie since she had a knack for finding the good food items.

After Nick kills Ennis, Nick says it's too late to redeem himself, but Morgan tells him it's not. Morgan seems to be getting through to Nick. Nick's desperate for something more than killing people. Morgan changed Nick’s view on what it means to live in this world. Nick was so tired of the new world changing him into a killer, that he was afraid to leave the stadium. Morgan was his saving grace before he gets killed.

Morgan gave his book, "The Art of Peace," to Nick right before Nick died. Nick had actually been reading some of it before he got murdered. Nick was on his way to being more at peace with his life than he had been in a long time. He didn't like that this new world was turning him into a killer.

This episode portrayed many of Nick's struggles in trying to live in this world. He was trying to find another way of living this life in the zombie apocalyptic world.

Outcome of Nick's death

Nick’s death might be the reason Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Strand try to seek out Madison (Kim Dickens). It's unlikely they would kill Madison after killing Nick off the show.

In the aftermath of Nick's death, many fans were unhappy with killing a fan favorite.

Fans are comparing it to “The Walking Dead” by killing off a major main character. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ian Goldberg said Frank Dillane wanted to leave "Fear the Walking Dead" to seek other work. Thus, the showrunners had no choice but to send Dillane off the show. His journey ended on a high note. Morgan convinced him of a peaceful way of living in this world that seemed to suffocate him.

The good news for Nick fans is he might be on the show some more. There are so many time jumps, that it’s inevitable that we will see Nick some more this season.

He might be dead in the present, but he lives on in the past, which we haven’t seen yet. We still don’t know his journey from the dam to the stadium or his journey from the stadium to the present day.