"Fear the Walking Dead" spoilers show the AMC series is pulling no punches for season 3 Episode 3 titled “TEOTWAWKI." That acronym becomes clear as the June 11 episode opens with an infomercial starring none other than Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie), survivalist and owner of Broke Jaw Ranch where the diminishing Clark family finds themselves on this new "FTWD."

The End of the World as We Know It

That's not just the catchy title of a great song by R.E.M., it's also the long form of the acronym that titles tonight's Season 3 Episode 3 of "Fear the Walking Dead." Jeremiah's infomercial shows us that the Otto patriarch was prepared for something, he just didn't know what it would be that through the world into disarray.

The infomercial promotes Jeremiah's video series "How to Survive TEOTWAWKI" (the end of the world as we know it). Jeremiah was selling a "proprietary system" to teach people how to stockpile supplies and goods for barter, how to dig a well, raise livestock and defend your sovereignty when the four horsemen ride.

The infomercial even comes with that great "but wait, there's more" moment. When you buy his video tapes, Jeremiah offered customers a free starter bucket of supplies. He cautioned viewers, “Don’t be a Pollyanna” and advised them to "plan for a better future." Those are ominous "Fear the Walking Dead" spoilers!

Lock Jaw Ranch on the Edge

As we saw on "Fear the Walking Dead" last week, Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) jumped to a faster death after he was shot in the neck while on the helicopter so the family wouldn't see him turn and have to put him down. Back on terra firma, the people at the ranch demand to know what the Ottos are doing about vengeance on the next "FTWD."

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) struggles with grief offer Travis’s death and the ugly scene at the tent doesn't help.

Madison seems to be shutting down and getting colder now that she’s lost Travis. She sits by Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) as they listen to the disgruntled sentiment grow on Season 3 Episode 3 spoilers for "Fear the Walking Dead."

Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) talks to the assembled about mourning, but Vernon is angry and wants to know who shot down the helo and why.

Jake says we’re going to find out but the disgruntled crowd in the tent demands to know when. Vernon wants to know what Jeremiah is doing about it on "FTWD" spoilers.

Jeremiah says they’re in a “war time posture” and adds they must investigate the crash site and then they’ll act. But Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman) promises payback and riles the crowd. Jake tries to calm the crazy on "Fear the Walking Dead" before it riles up but Troy stirs the pot. Jake reminds them to plan for a better future like his father always says.

Alicia and Nick Make Friends

Now that they're at Lock Jaw, Alicia and Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) wander about on Season 3 Episode 3 "TEOTWAWKI" and make some connections. Nick thinks the monsters inside the militia and survivalist compound are worse than the beasts roaming outside.

He's more comfortable among the real monsters say new "FTWD" spoilers.

Also on tonight's "FTWD", Alicia is shown an out of the way underground bunker that looks pretty creepy. Meanwhile, Madison finds out her past and Otto’s past share some similarities. We know Madison is capable of taking care of business, so what's lurking in her dark psyche on "FTWD"?

Victor and Daniel Reunited!

In the final moments of tonight's "Fear the Walking Dead", spoilers promise Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) finds himself in a makeshift jail cell after a rough week on Season 3 Episode 2 when he got a car but then Ilene leaped to her death.

Someone hands him a bottle of water and Strand looks up and is stunned to see it's Daniel!

In tonight's "Fear the Walking Dead" spoilers for Season 3 Episode 3 "TEOTWAWKI", we find out Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) didn't die last season as suspected. With Daniel and Strand back together, will they head for the border looking for the Clarks?

Be sure to come back for more "Fear the Walking Dead" spoilers for Season 3.