Days Of Our Lives” has brought back many familiar faces in the past couple of years to revitalize its show and now "DOOL" spoilers indicate that another former fan-favorite is about to return to the mix of things. The character of Mimi Lockhart hasn't been seen in quite a while, but that's about to change. What's the scoop that's just emerged?

Fath's return 'DOOL' storyline is already in place

According to a new report from Soap Opera Digest, Farah Fath is returning to “Days of Our Lives” as Mimi Lockhart. Spoilers reveal that Fath is already on the “DOOL” set filming, which means that Mimi will pop up on television screens later this year, probably in late October or early November.

That timing could be a hint that she'll be connected to a juicy November sweeps storyline, but fans will have to hang tight and wait for more spoilers on that front.

Fath played Mimi on “Days of Our Lives” from 1999 to 2007, and she went on to play Gigi Morasco on “One Live to Live” from 2007 to 2012. Farah worked with current “DOOL” head writer Ron Carlivati during his time on “OLTL,” and it looks like he's anxious to pair up with her again.

What do 'Days' writers have in store for Lockhart?

Soap Opera News noted a while back that it might be time to bring Mimi back to Salem. They noted that when “Days of Our Lives” viewers last saw Lockhart, she was close to Belle and, of course, she was once married to Shawn-Douglas as well.

Mimi's trouble-making mother Bonnie has come and gone here and there over the years, and it doesn't seem as if it'll take that much to generate some action for Mimi again when she returns to Salem.

Talking about the character of Mimi Lockhart certainly does take "Days of Our Lives" fans back to the good ole' days and "DOOL" storylines of years long gone.

As word spread about Farah Fath's return on social media, viewers reacted, and this news sparked a wide range of emotions. Some people wonder why production is bringing this character back when others currently in the mix are being pushed aside. Others wonder how Mimi will be woven into the current storylines when many of the characters she used to connect with aren't around at the moment.

What do you think about the decision made by "DOOL" to bring Farah Fath back as Mimi Lockhart? What would you like to see the writers do with Mimi in Salem when she pops up later this year? Stay tuned for "Days of Our Lives" spoilers regarding this new development as Fath's on-screen debut grows closer and don't miss any of the action playing out right now weekdays on NBC.