Drake is one of the top musicians to hail from Canada whose music hits the top of the charts. Drake has paved the way for other promising underground Rappers from Toronto to push for mainstream exposure. This has ignited the music scene of Toronto. These Canadian rappers have new music that has already hit the streets of Toronto. The Toronto music vibe is soft and hardcore at the same time. Some of these artists are not signed, but hopefully, down the line, they will get signed by major record labels. A few of these artists already have Drake's music blessings and are signed to his label October's Very Own, known as OVO.

Furthermore, through these artists, you will hear styles of American rappers and singers such as Travis Scott, Mac Miller, Future, Avant, and more. These four rappers artists include Jazz Cartier, Derek Wise, Safe, and Jahkoy.

Jazz Cartier

Cartier hit Toronto's scene less than five years ago. Cartier's first debut song "Single" inspired him to continue and release his most talked about album "Marauding in Paradise." His music style is a blend of Travis Scott and the Weeknd.

Derek Wise

Born Derek Bissue, Derek Wise has really created a name for himself in Toronto. In December 2014, after his arrest, Wise’s name gained recognition in his city of Toronto. His gained recognition came from his two singles “Kenzo,” and “Lake.” Additionally, Wise appeared in American pop star The Weeknd's video for “King of the Fall.” In 2015, he released his latest music EP, “Glam Wave.” Furthermore, Wise’s music style is a mixture between American rappers Future and Tyler the Creator.


Birth name Saif Musaad, Safe got this break in the Toronto music scene with randomly bumping into one of OVO's lead men, Oliver EL-Khatib. Safe's recent EP is called Stay Down. His music style is a little similar to American pop star The Weeknd with some added rapping. Moreover, his lyrics are mostly about relationships and trying to chill with a significant other.


Born Jahkoy, Jahkoy has made a name for himself in both Toronto and America. XXL magazine says, “He settled in [Los Angeles, California] in 2014.” Furthermore, he is signed to Def Jam records. Wise continues to make music and build his fan base. Currently, Jahkoy is working on his upcoming music project “Temptations.” His music style is a blend of American rhythm and blues singers Avant and Jeremiah.

Don’t forget to check out these four Canadian rappers. Become their fans and enjoy a Canadian music experience.